Thursday, October 04, 1990

Stupid Internet

It's really getting on my nerves, this internet thingy, god knows whether it's a problem with the internet or just my laptop....... Got wei yang to come over just now to help me rectify the problem so now it's a little better as in it reads that i'm NOT CONNECTED but i'm ONLINE since i can access any websites and use MSN Messenger.... And then after he left, the bloody thing doesn't work again and i have to use the cable to connect to the modem so i can use the internet and blog about it.....

Got back Maths today, pretty happy with the results but ib know i could have done better, a few careless mistakes here and there, plus my explaining sucks... Hello? It's a MATHEMATICS paper, why the many explanations.... Miss the good old days where you only had to key in figures into your calculator and press ENTER to get the answer.... Only left with Chemistry and English, should be my 2 lowest papers since Mrs Quek said very few (or was it noone?) got an A for English and i KNOW i did real bad for Chem, especially the essay at the end of Booklet 3... SIGH.................

Gotta go study now! FINALS!!!

P.S. If you guys are free go check out this video on instant messaging by winekone on Youtube, really funny! Key in winekone+instant+messaging

Greg Sanders: I'm like a sponge: I just absorb information.
Gil Grissom: I thought that was MY line.
Greg Sanders: Yeah, and I absorbed it.