Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Another Song!!

A Love That Will Last

I want a little something more
Don't want the middle or the one before
I don't desire a complicated past
I want a love that will last

Say that you love
Say im the one
Don't kiss and hug me and then try to run
I don't do drama
My tears don't fall fast
I want a love that will last

I don't want a just a memory
Gives me forever
Don't even think about saying good-bye
Cuz i want just one love to be enough
And remain in my heart till i die

Renee Olstead
Song from 'The Princess Diaries 2

Down Under

Am into second day in Australia... really miss everryone back in J.B.. So far, Australia has been pretty fun, but the weather needs some getting used to... Right now, I'm staying at my uncle's house in Melbourne, which is pretty big and has a granny flat, although is now a storeroom/ playroom... It has a spa (woohoo!!) but it can't be used since the water here if not heated, is like ice water... Will be able to use it either tomorrow or the day after when temperature would be around 34 degrees Celsius...

Below is itinery of my trip so far: (a bit long, sorry...)
by the way, everything is according to the time here, which is 3 hours ahead of MALAYSIAN time

8.04 a.m.
We touched down at the airport... Spent an hour and a half queuing to reach the immigration counter, then another half hour waiting to declare food brought in... Then, we went to claim our baggage which totals 120 kg for 6 people (my grandfather joined us at KLIA), 60 of which consisted of things for my uncle's family in Melbourne.

11.10 a.m.
Reached uncle's house mention previously... Rested for a while (Translation: Checked out TV channels) and toured the house... Had lunch at Chinese restaurant then returned home to rest.

7.00 p.m.
Ate dinner which was prepared by uncle after three hours. Wondering how come Dad can't cook properly when both brothers are amazing cooks... Took walk around neighbourhood with family and Edmund to check out surroundings... Highlight of walk: When Edmund beat Xinkit at monkey bars, although now that I think about it, it wasn't that suprising... Hands were frozen at the end of walk.... Did I mention the temperature was around 15 degrees out?

10.00 p.m.
Went to sleep after TV marathon... Shows watched: O.C Reloaded, Two Guys and a Girl, C.S.I., The 6 Wives of Henry and many more... The last show mentioned was interesting, though being a documnetary about what happened to the 6 wives of King Henry VIII... Was amazed at how much he loved the name Katherine (3 of his wives were named Katherine)

10.12 a.m.
Woke up in time to watch Erik Von Detten on Dinotopia... Weather's warmer than that of yesterday, but still pretty cold... Took bus down to town to look around.... Had lunch before taking tram to check out University of Melbourne, the place my dad studied at 23 years ago... Didn't expect it to be so big and consist an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and theater! Walked to Dad's old apartment, a 5 minute walk from the university.
Took tram to Bourke St. while Dad went to find friend....

That's all for now... More tomorrow....

P.S. I got the Bridget Jones's Diary as Christmas present from my parents when attending wedding!!!! Read it twicwe already...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Back To School!!

Finished watching "Charmed"... will not comment on how Chris looks (no matter how good) as doing so would cause Celine to claim Daniel (Radcliffe) and Chad Michael Murray as hers... long story...

Didn't get to post anything yesterday... Wasn't allowed to go online at night due to excessive onlining during day... was trying to download MSN messenger beta... that's why i didn't get to remind u to tape the show, Fangi...

Now, to the title story...

I was RUDELY awoken by Mummy Dearest today to accompany her to buy bo0oks for school next year when it hit me...

I am going back to school in 17 days
I am sitting for my SPM in 11 and a half months

Where did all the time go??? Just a blink of an eye ago I was crying my eyes out in Primary 1 because my mommy had to leave early and I'm about to finish secondary school... Time obviously takes a Concorde...

So, in 12 months time, I would have finished my SPM, if I'm not dead yet... Then I would have to make a decision on where to further my studies and on what... Not to mention the dreaded NS which, knowing my luck, I would have to serve...


Tuesday, December 14, 2004


So bored!!! I have absolutely nothing to do now... That's why I'm here, writing my third entry of the day since it was either watch Survivor Vanuatu or listen to Josh Groban... a very good way to fall asleep, according to my mother. Not that I don't like the singing... I'm just not interested in listening to the whole cd at one go...

Only leaving for Australia next Monday so I still have 6 days filled with absolutely no plans or social activity... Cannot wait to go to Melbourne, even though it's only to check out my dad's university and the pizza place he and his brothers went to when it was my dad's turn to cook...

Will be spending Christmas there, so anyone who's receiving Christmas presents from me should be very glad, since things there are 3 times more expensive as compared to Malaysia... Hopefully I would received my angpau money from my uncle who lives there then... in Aussie dollars, of course... Hehe

It's weird how I have so much to say online... I usually can't even write a word in my traditional diary in a book...

I'm currently filling my free time with playing neopets... Iknow, it's very childish, but it's fun... Trust me and try it, you won't regret it...

Monday, December 13, 2004

Out Of Reach

Knew the signs
Wasn't right
I was stupid for a while
Swept away by you
And now I feel like a fool
So confused,
My heart's bruised
Was I ever loved by you?
Out of reach, so far
I never had your heart
Out of reach,Couldn't see
We were never
Meant to be
Catch myself
From despair
I could drown
If I stay here
Keeping busy everyday
I know I will be OK
Out of Reach


Me at Natahsa-mother-goose-Lim's house... Sorry to people who are against/hate/dislike Harry Potter, but i like this skin very much... So cute!!!

Anyway, was pretty pissed last night... funny how everything happens at night but still... I had just finished watching Star Awards until 10, then they had the advertisment for the show next Sun... it's ' Love Undercover 2' starring the very good looking Daniel Wu... sorry if I'm obsessed with him... For those who didn't catch the prequel which was shown last Sun night... it was about this girl who goes undercover to find proof of illegal dealings conducted by Dan and father but ended up falling for him... In this movie, Dan has a very bad hairdo but still looks good... Haih...

The thing is, I won't be able to watch the movie due to obligation to attend cousin's wedding in S'pore which, knowing my luck, will end late... very late. I am also very sure that i will not enjoy myself as most of the people there are gonna be speaking in Hakka, a language i only understand 10 phrases of. So unless Daniel Wu is gonna be there, I am going to be bored to death..

I know, i know, I a totally obsessed with Daniel Wu... He's 30. I think he's hot, so sue me

P.S. Love undercover 2 is showing on Sunday, 19 December, from 8-10 pm


My first time writing... Too many things to say, I'm gonna treat this like my diary and write a load of crap...

Watched 'princess-d' yesterday.A very nice story but a bit sad that Daniel Wu and Lee Sinjie didn't end up together... couldn't get to sleep after watching, kept thinking bout the show, especially the ending.

I kept wondering why two people who were so meant for each other couldn't end up together, but after a lot of thinking, I guess it wouldn't be real if they did...

Started to wonder if I would have a fairy tale kind of romance. Odds are 1 million to one that i will, but i'm crossing my fingers! Talked to Celine about it... she doesn't believe there's that right mate for everyone, I do. Do send your feedback, i hope more people supporting me :P

Not going to say anything more, if not i'll have nothing to talk about till another nice movie comes my way...