Monday, January 31, 2005

Why having Long Hair Sucks

Decided to post something since,
(a) Am online now with nothing to do
(b) Cannot do anything now

Am so sleepy but cannot go to sleep because bloody hair won't dry, hence the title... My fault, really... Took my bath too late, now hair will probably need another 30 minutes to dry... Not my fault since all the good shows were like back to back and the advertisments, however irritatingly long, is not enough time for me to bathe, so it was either bathe later or miss part of show, then will not understand anything going on... Should have chose the latter, come to think of it...

Woke up very early today, around 9.30... God knows why... brothers had chess open today at Xtra, so had lunch there... Xin Wei lost to Goh, unbelievable... Poor guy lost the fist 3 rounds, then won the last 3... No prize this time... Xin Kit also didn't win anything... Wasted 12 bucks... haihz

Ish... Why won't hair hurry up and dry?!?!?!?! Can't go to sleep with hair wet, duh... Can't blowdry hair coz hair will become dry, but who the hell cares at this point... Can't find it anywhere... Very irritating...

Anyway... Got to come online all thanks to Computer Club... had to type letter asking for permission to do dedication, then send to Fangi via MSN since my printer ain't got no ink... Hopefully can make loads of money from dedication, then can upgrade computers and have a great end-year party... Thinking too far already... Got no exprience writing formal letter so had to refer to tuition books for "contoh"... Lousy secretary I am... In the end president had to complete the letter... Fangi's the best president... She do A lot more work then me... CAlled me like 10 times today and a lot od messages coz she was worried bout the dedications... Mom got pretty irritated phone kept ringing, but at least not guy calling, right?

hair more or less dry, can finally go to sleep...Yawn...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two Months and Counting...

January's almost over... 1 day and 1 hour, to be precise... Which means I've already survived around 17 actual days of school...Wow, suprising...It's been 2 months since I first started blogging, if u're wondering about what my tile means... I can count, i know it's only been a month since school started...

February... Hmmm, let's see, what's there to look forward to?? Chinese New Year, for one. It's the only occasion where you are given money in nice red packets to lose while playing mahjong or blackjack... Ahhh, how lovely... Going to be in Kl for almost a week, maybe from Monday to Sunday morning... Will not stop gambling other than to eat, sleep, and get more money to spend... And also to "enquire about college' from cousin who's leaving for Perthsoon for university... Get to skip Add Maths and Physics (I hope...), no BM or Cehmistry (double yay!) and no Accounts for 3 weeks... YAY!!!!

What other things to look forward to... Not valentine's Day, obviously, since there's noone to spend it with and it's not like there's time for me to spend celebrating it... Got tuition on that day, "lucky" Mr. Chua got 15 girls to spend Valentine's DAy with...

Oooohhhh.... Got Sport's Day!!! Not like I'll be doing anything fun, though... Only prefect duty, maybe sambutan where i get to jab the VIP in the chest while trying to in on that flower thingy (vocabulary not working today)... I wonder if anyone won a lawsuit about that... Don't want to be fined or anything, ain't got no money on me now, end of month mah...

Well, that's the highlights of February, I think... Boring, right???

P.S. Blog had some problem the whole of last week, coz i couldn't come online to correct it... Sorry!!! to any inconvenience caused... not that many people check my blog....

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bloggin again!

Wow, this is like my third post in 2 days, actually only 24 hours but spread over 2 days... Was suprised mom actually let me come online two nights in a row... maybe she got sick of me going in and out of the room sighing really loudly... Must use the tactic more often, seems to work pretty well...

Tried to post pictures of my trip to Australia here (one month late) but couldn't... i suck at this things... Help, anyone?? No pay, though... sorry, no that rich...

got some lovely pictures i'd like to put... too bad then, will have to wait a little while longer... Just realized my family didn't take a single picture together in Melbourne... so sad, yeah?

Did nothing much today, just lazing around... My brothers had their friends over today to indulge in food and playstation 2... went for tuition which turned out to be pretty sucky... came back to find brothers and friends playing mahjong... looks like i'm not the only one addicted to the game... Tasha was there too to play a few rounds... haha, house has turned into gambling den... no money involved though... had sushi for dinner while watching The Forgotten, the movie remembered as "the one which made lyn scream into fangi's left ear"... i know, it's a funny way to remember the movie, but that's how to memorise things, right?

Have to start doing homework tomorrow, or else will get slaughtered by mother... just in time for new year too... and still haven't watched Wicker Park... didn't remember till now...

I hate homework...

Saturday, January 22, 2005


just saw the blog of the girl who created the skin for this blog... she's like 13... so young yet so talented, yeah? she's got quite a lot in common, cept the fact she's a singaporean, she's a great artist and i suck at it. i probably can't even draw to save my life...

Go check out her blog, it's really nice... the link's on my blog...


Okay, not quite... but still, dirty dishwater is better than none (have no idea why dishwater is used, got it from the Princess Diaries, a book ful of quotes...)

6 days of holiday is actually a torture rather than a reward... it's too long in the sense that we have already converted to holiday sleep mode, which is sleep at 1 (a.m.) and don't wake up till u are dragged out of bed. it's too short in the sense that we aren't completely rested by the time we are (painfully torn from our bed and) forced to return to hell on earth, commonly known as school...

Not that school is total un-fun (if there is such a word). there are some things there which i love... i just need a day or two to think of something...

On a much lighter tone, I finally got to catch Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. It's not as bad as the critics say, though i think it can do without some scenes which are totally funny in the wrong sense and embarassing to watch when with mother. On the whole, it was a very nice show to watch... won't divulge much as many would kill me if i spoiled their suprise... Still think Colin Firth is better than Hugh Grant, at least he hasn't got so many wrinkles, especially when he smiles... Think i'll watch it another time, or two, or three... Although, I haven't watch Wicker Park which is sitting on the desk now... Starring Josh Hartnett (!!!!) and Diane Kruger (ugh!), I think it'll be quite a good show... Mom has already screened it for explicit concent, just like every other show i watch now... No wonder tenagers love going to the teathers nowadays...

Won't talk so much, afraid might spill on movie... got tuition tomorrow (sigh)... Physics, in fact(double sigh) oh well, will have to face up to the fact that i won't be able to get really sick within 15 hours so that my mom will allow me to skip tuition...

Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in
But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would bring me back to you
That someday it would bring me back to you

Sunday Morning
Maroon 5

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Had to put song here instead of after the post since it was very bloody long already... Babbled too much... Here goes...

I won't talk
I won't breathe
I won't move till you finally see
that you belong with me

you might think
I don't look
but deep inside in the corner of my mind
I'm attatched to you

I'm weak
it's true
cause I'm afraid to know the answer
do you want me too?
cause my heart keeps falling faster

I've waited all my life to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so I will not hide
i'ts time to try anything to be with you
all my life I've waited
this is true

you don't know
what you do
everytime you walk into the room
I'm afraid to move

I'm weak
it's true
I'm just scared to know the ending
do you see me too?
do you even know you meant me!

I've waited all my life to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so I will not hide
its time to try anything to be with you
all my life I've waited
this is true

I know when I go
I'll be on my way to you
the way that's true

I've waited all my life to cross this line
to the only thing thats true
so I will not hide
its time to try anything to be with you
all my life I've waited
this is true

Ryan Cabrera

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Noone's online yet... just woke up from 3 hour long nap to replace hours of beauty sleep lost over the period of one week... Not enough though, will have to sleep for a full day to replenish energy...

After going through week 2 of you-know-what, I have decided that the most evil word to any normal and functioning teenager would be.... school... it's a word so evil i cannot bear repeating/ thinking about it again...*SHUDDERS*

Spent afternoon (when i wasn't asleep)wrapping my books, storybooks i mean... have become very good at wrapping things after discovering afinity with blade...

By the way, did not get to eat banana fritters today, in case anyone would like to know...

Eh, how come still noone online????? Have been posting for close to half an hour...

Anywayz, am re-watching Season 2 of C.S.I. where Greg isn't very hot yet, the best looking still Nick, since Greg is sprting some weirdo hairstyle...
So far have watched episode 1 and 2 of the season... will watch Episode 3-5 tomorrow (YAY!!!) okay, i'm addicted to the show, sue me... Not allowed to watch Season 3 which is currently airing on TV... actually, just not allowed to watch any show on TV, thanks to you-know-what...

Still noone online... Evryone watching Simple Life 2???? bimbotic show... SAw part of it just now when mom switched on TV... prefer Paris Hilton to Nicole Ritchie though... Supposedly the former is going to be publishing a book teaching others how to act like her... Lesson 1: Shop when u are upset. Right... how i wish i could... Would be swimming in clothes now...

Nothing else to say... might decide to go pick off from where i left off 2 hours ago (that's napping, to anyone who can't get it)

Sunday, January 09, 2005


School sucks. What's there to say? It has barely been 30 hours of school and I've oh-I-don't-know, 3 mountains of homework???

Not to mention prefect duties... All of a sudden, all teachers are super hardworking and bring bags which have to be weighed by tonnes... the girls too have become more hardworking... at using their mouths which i strongly suggest should be glued together, taped up, stapled, and taped up again.

Anyway, back to homework. Within 5 days, my homework has been piled up so high, Yao Ming will have to use a 10 foot ladder to see the top... see, not reach, fyi...

The year's barely a week old and we're laden wf homework... Cannot imagine rest of year... Will petition for new law to be implementd whereby students cannot be given homework and be expected to pass up the next day... or the next two, in fact... Should be under child protection law as too much homework would lead to mental breakdown, rebelling, suicidal thoughts, murder of parents/teachers or all of the above.

By the way, am putting song after post since cannot go on writing "another another another another.... song"... This is one of my favourites...

It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taking over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each other
In awhile but you will always be my boo

I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man who's in my life
You will always be my boo

My Boo
Usher and Alicia Keys

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A New Year!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Hope this year will be even better than last year... Highly doubt so, judging by how it started out. Firstly, I've seem to be hit with the pesky flu bug... as well as the rest of me friends, I hope everyone will be feeling better in time for school... I highly doubt my mom would allow me to skip the first day of school, unless of course, I was dying/bedridden. Secondly, I had tuition today... Tuition!!! If not bad enough, it's Physics!! Sigh... this year seems to have gotten off on a VERY WRONG foot... Not to menton scools starts in one day and 9 hours... Seems like yesterday when I returned from my family vacation... Come to think of it, it was just 3 days ago... Hmmmm...

At least my trip to Melbourne went well... although most of the time I was checking out the shows they have or sleeping... Saw many things there, namely 2 universities, one seaside and a town... In a nutshell, it was an eye-opener... (you need a car to go around Monash U.)

Christmas was celebrated at my uncle's house... had a wonderful dinner but no Turkey Curry Buffet... actually, just no turkey... got many presents which I wanted/ liked... A bit jealous that brother's present is so much bigger, but has taken present hostage... HAHAHAHAHA!!

Not very happy school is starting since it would mean more studying and less time for relaxation (e.g. TV, surfing the Net, gong out with friends etc.)Why must school start so early?!