Saturday, September 24, 2005

It has been a long long long time since i last blogged, due to mother's You-Shall-Not-Anything-But-Study-Your-Butt-Off studying scheme... Seem to be losing the touch (although i'm not sure i had it to begin with)

Have survived 2 weeks of Examolympics, where you attempt the break the record of most pages written for an essay (English), finish all your correction tape in one paper (Add Maths), and try to write so much your hand is always in the position of holding a pen (every paper). Only have 4 papers to go, namely Accounts 2, Physics 3, and both EST papers... Will be able to celebrate by Monday, since chances i won't study for EST...

Went to school today, where we Fifth Formers went on a trip to the nearby jail... walked around the place for a good 2 and a half hours, resulting in me practically running on fumes by the time we reached school again... Am not gonna elaborate on what i saw there, i dun wanna to have nightmares tonight... Was very educational though

Saturday, September 17, 2005

not quite sure if i'm getting the colour correct.. seems a lil off.. wait.. okay.. this one? yeah i think this one looks correct. if any of you are wondering, this is NOT xin yu who is blogging.. i am a hacker! haha. noo.. this is fangi helping xin post something in this oh-so-sweet blog of hers.. hehe.. she made a list today in tuition. it is as follows.

10 things to do after spm!
1. stuff yourself with ice-cream / chocolates
2. sleep
3. check your bed for brain matter
4. wonder why you couldn't understand the question on your paper if you're not losing brain matter
5. hang out with friends
6. don't think about school
7. don't think about how badly you did for the papers
8. don't think about what to do in college
9. don't think about the fact that you're leaving school in 2 months
10. Just. Don't. Think.

there you have it. was laughing my head's off when i read her list of 10 things to do after the exams. think i need to go to sleep. both of us have got tuition in the morning.. sigh..