Saturday, November 19, 2005

Number of subjects i'm taking : 11
Number of subjects i've already done : 5
Number of subjects left : 6

Almost halfway there! god, can't believe i'm actually sitting for my SPM already... Doesn't feel any different from other exams other than the fact that the invigilators aren't from our school...

Things to do after SPM:
- buy and watch "Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa"
- watch all 5 seasons of CSI with everyone
- go to Taiwan with family for holiday
- go for Undang test so can learn driving in KL
- watch all movies i've missed including HP 4

At this time some people might have a question in their mind as to why i am not catching the Harry Potter movie now since there's a few days in between where there is no exam. Some will also be pestering me to catch the movie with them as they couldn't find anyone else. so listen up people : I do not want to catch the movie at this point because if i do my mind wil only be filled with the No.1 guy on my list of favourite guys (Daniel Radcliffe)and cursing the No.1 girl on my most hated people list (Katie Leong) when taking the exams or trying to study for them. It's true... So there.