Thursday, January 26, 2006

Busy busy busy!!! So many things to do! Looks like many won't be able to celebrate Chinese New Year this month without thinking about the many deadlines for assignments... I, for one, have an English Investigative Study assignment, a Physics Info thingy, Chemistry Social Relevance Report and other homework to do during the "celebrations"... Sigh... The whole no-internet in apartment thing isn't helping either since i've researching to do before the weekend... Which is why I'm at the college now after school so i can go online and multi-task like crazy... I've like 8 Internet Explorers on at the same time, which I'm using to:
(a) do my research on my English Investigative Study
(b) check my e-mail which is full of junk like "so and so has updated their bloody Friendster blog"
(c) check my Friendster account and approving friends and testimonials (okay, just one)
(d) check my friends' blogs to find out if tey are going crazy like me
(e) blogging about how busy i am

On a lighter note, today was Pink Day in the class of G1 where only 2 guys (Zhi Ven and Wei Yang) stuck to the plan and wore pink shirts + one pink band (Wei Yang wore it till lunch-time to earn a free meal from Ester, and i wore it later) while most of the girls actually paid attention to what was going on and came in pink shirts... Andrew Choo, who didn't own a pink shirt stuck out like a sore thumb during LAN classes and has been named Black Sheep... Would show you people the picture but i don't have it... Tomorrow is Red Day as we, Chinese and non-Chinese, all prepare to usher in the new year with many shades of red... Those who "forgot" would have to hand out angpows tomorrow, heehee...

hmmmm, fangi's leaving for New Zealand soon, flight's tonight... There goes another one of our gang... Gonna miss you tons Fang! Hope you see this before you leave...

Gonna end here, have got a lot more things to do...

P.S. This is to Zhi Ven (gay mosquitoe) who supposedly can't navigate my blog, if you ever see this - NO PROBLEM WHAT!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Week Before CNY

Just one more week to CNY!!! Will finally get to see my mom and dad after a month... Xinwei too! Don't really care bout Xinkit (just kidding!) Hmmmm, have no new clothes to wear though... Chinese New Year is one of my favourite seasons, and not just because of the angpows i get coz i don't really get a lot (*hint hint* Dad) but because the whole family gets together to celebrate the occasion, unlike other days, since my family is in JB while everyone else is here in KL, and Uncle Julian and family now in Melbourne... the uh, "gathering" we have at night doesn't hurt either...

Just realized i haven't exactly talked about who i have come to know in KL, so here goes... Besides Dee and Lyn, i am also sharing the apartment with Huoy Li, whom we mistakenly referred to as Winnie the first 2 weeks (oops!)... She's taking the same course as me but in a different class... She's really pretty with wavy hair and likes cheena music (yay!)... Then there's Adeline and Priya who share a room in the apaprtment, both from Kedah... They're ICPU students and get the most homework among the 6 of us... Suprisingly, we pure science people get the least homework... Adeline can't understand Mandarin, and can't pronounce Lyn's name, she pronounces it like Margaret in Phua Chu Kang... oh, and she's afraid of Melissa. Our Melissa, who screams when there's thunder... Priya is much quieter than Adeline, and she can't pronounce Desiree's name... noone has any problems with mine though...

Can't possibly talk about everyone in my class, since i haven't really gotten to know all of them that well, so i'll just name a few... First, there's Ameen who's a JPA scholar, and very smart fella whom i refer to when needing help in Physics... By that i mean i just take his paper and decipher what the hell teacher is looking for... then there's Ren Ee, one tall girl who's taller than most of the guys in class and lives next to my apartment (we didn't realize till a week ago) where they watch Taiwanese idol dramas till late at night... With her always are Chin Ying and Adeline (another one) who has the limited edition Disney handphone... Sigh, lucky girl... There's also Zhi Ven, or Andrew's "boyfriend" coz they have the same bag and his shoes read AND1 (stands for : Andrew's my No.1, get it??) who's always teased by Desiree and I... But he's straight lar, i think... There's also Wei Yang, whose voice is super low and very hard to understand, Esther (another one) and another gal whose name i'm not sure how to spell, Yuen Mun i think... She's got a really cute face, but she once commented everytime she saw my face she wanted to laugh coz i look very cute (as if!)... Together with these people and some others we form G1, supposedly the class everyone expects to deliver good results at the end of the year... Shit

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's been more than a week since i last posted, so sorry people!!! it's really troublesome for me to post nowadays since i can't go online at the apartment and Kai Vin (my cousin) is always using the computer when i'm at his place... Seriously don't understand what is it with guys and Warcraft, Dota, Gunbound, and all kinds of computer games...

Haven't been up to much since i last blogged, would love to tell you people that there's hot guys everywhere but unfortunately they seem to have all gone to KDU, so Wei Yi says... There was an improvement, even though very slight in the good-lookers to guys ratio though since the A levels students started classes, but none have actually caught my eye... Am glad to say Desiree and Lyn have stopped matchmaking me, i think it finally got through their cranium that i'm not interested in anyone. Well, not in Taylors anyway...

Classes are alright, though i'm still attempting to get used to the English terms... According to one of my lecturers (I can't remember which, though i only have 6) we should be used to it by March. Which is still 2 months away. oh, how comforting...

Have become quite used to living in the apartment, cept some BLOODY PRANKSTER (or pranksters) turned off our water supply, causing there to be no water for 4 days in the apartment except the kitchen... Had to carry pails and pails of water from the kitchen to the bathroom, in the process wetting the floor, hurting our arms, wasting energy, and all for a cold bath... Thankfully we called the hostel management office who sent someone over to remedy the problem, which was then we found out about the prank, or else we'll still be living in an apartment with no water... Blooody idiots, just wait till i find them...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Glad to sayI have survived week 1 of college life, although classes have only started for 2 days. So far, no arguments among the 3 of us living in a room together, and none with te other housemates too. The other 3 moved in after us,Winnie from Sarawak having the single room, Priya and Adeline from Kedah are sharing the double one...

Classes has been pretty normal, cept my WHOLE BLOODy class is filled with geniuses, 19 out of 31 are JPA scholars, which means they are really smart (and i am looking really stupid for not being able to come up with better words to describe them) and have been at Taylor's a few months before us, so they are much more relaxed since they don't have to scurry around trying to find the classes before the teacher does since my headmistress has said "Here at Taylor's College, we DO NOT operate by Malaysian time, and I wish all of you will know the importance of being punctual."

Am taking Pure Science package, so i bet noone wants to hear what i have to say about my classes since it's going to bore you people to death. Do read Wei Yi's post about HER classes, coz it's obviously more interesting than mine. but by the way, what the hell is a Thinking Skills class?! Like we don't use that thing we call a brain when in other classes...

Have no idea whether i'm blessed or cursed to have Desiree and Andrew in class, especially Desiree who is really taking on the role of my 'mother' because she's trying to matchmake me with EVERY SINGLE guy we see even though i have attempted to drill it in her head the fact that I DON"T WANT ONE. I seriously don't want one, so sue me for being the only girl who says that.

Am now blogging at my aunt's house,where i will be staying over during the weekend. YAY! because unlike the apartment, it's air-c0nditioned, and i don't have to bathe in freaking cold water everyday or walk over to Starbucks and buy an overpriced cup of coffee just so i can go online and chat with my friends. that's when Justin hasn't done anything to the connection there... went to sunway lagoon yesterday with my cousins and Josh (have to seperate him from the rest so he WILL NOT be mistaken as my cousin) even though it was raining and all. went to the drypark first so we won't get wet so quick but the first ride that Se Von (the leader of the pack) chose just HAD to be a wet one, so that whole let's-get-wet-later thing flew out the window. Really had fun there, even with my acrophobia and everything... Didn't want to get wet again after lunch, so ended up talking to Josh about relationships and everything while trying to warm myself... kept my shirt and shorts on at all times so i'm the only one not looking similar to a cooked lobster right now... Muahahahahaaha

Because of you
I never stray from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long before you point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake, a smile, a laugh
Everyday of my life
My heart can't possibly break
When it wasn't even whole to start with

- Beacuse of you
- Kelly Clarkson

Sunday, January 01, 2006

It looks like i'm the first (among us anyway) to blog in the new year, was kind of suprised noone has posted anything yet... Hope you guys are having fun celebrating the arrival of the new year, while I am here in KL "celebrating" with my reltives... Hope i'm not forgotten (i better not be, people)

Left JB about 9.45 am yesterday and reached KL around 1, then proceeded to have frog porridge for lunch, which we do EVERY SINGLE time we drive up to KL... Still remember the kopitiam next to it used to be called Mickey's Duck Rice and had a picture of Donald Duck there... food there is quite nice, really... Okay, guess you people didn't need to or want to know that..

Headed to my aunt's house after lunch to put my bags before following my uncle to the hotel where we were going to spend the night... When we got there the roads were starting to get blocked off for the celebrations at night... did the usual thing upon arriving at hotel, namely park car, get luggage, take lift to lobby, stand at one spot and look around hotel, adding a few "oohs" and "aahs" whenver necessary, and end up looking pretty stupid, like some 'jakun' fellow who's never been in a hotel...

After checking into our rooms, i went to the Esprit warehouse to check out the clothes with my two aunts and cousin... Didn't buy anything there though, even with the 70% discount and all it was still not in my price range (although my price range might need some adjustments). then went over to Sungei Wang plaza to shop somemore... When we were done it was raining, so we borrowed some umbrellas and ran across to the hotel (convenient, no?) but even with the running and umbrellas my jeans were totally soaked...

Went into my aunt's room to put the stuff we got and got one hell of a suprise because the minute my cousin and i walked in we saw three guys in the room! did i mention they are perfect strangers? thank god they were appropriately dressed... turned out there was a mistake at the reception, blah blah blah, but it managed to be fixed... Had to get housekeeping to change all the sheets, towels, etc since we didn't know what the guys were up to in the room...

After everyone finished shopping the 14 of us went for dinner... Can't decide whether it was a Western dinner we had or Eastern since we had a whole variety of dishes, from lamb chop to nasi lemak... Ended up having fish and chips and jelly coconut for dessert... have no idea what is so interesting about 14 people having dinner together but EVERY single person who passed by had to keep staring at us... Geez, people, go buy a life or something... Didn't feel like going anywhere after that so us "kids" headed back to the hotel room... It was there i discovered i forgot my pj's... I have a feeling my brain went on holiday but forgot to apply for leave before leaving... Ended up watching the guys play PS 2 and playing blackjack the whole night... So much for a celebration huh? Went to bed around 12.30 am after replying messages from my friends while Dad was still watching a ffotball match... Manchester United against some team which lost terribly anyway...

Woke up early this morning thanks to Dad, and had breakfast at the hotel before heading for Sungei Wand plaza again with my cousins... played Daytona with them, but lost terribly, even got overlapped... Went bowling after that, only one game since it was already 1 plus at that time... Got 4th among the 6 of us, even though i scored a strike and a couple spares... After that went shopping and bought a bracelet and a pair of earrings... Only had lunch at 2.45 pm, coz we had to check out and everything... Going to Rawang for dinner later, grandfather's giving us a treat (yay!) so am supposed to be taking a nap now...

Am moving into the My Place apartment tomorrw, am praying for it to be in a good condition...

Take back that sad word good-bye
Bring back the joy to my life
Don't leave me here with these tears
Come and kiss this pain away
I can't forget the day you left
Time is so unkind
And life is so cruel without you here beside me

Unbreak my heart
Say you'll love me again
Undo this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And outta my life
Uncry these tears
I cried so many nights
Unbreak my heart, my heart

-Unbreak My Heart
-Toni Braxton