Friday, June 30, 2006

The One Where I Can't Think Of A Title

I'm now blogging from computer no. 47 in the library of Taylor's College. Normally would not even come here, due to the hassle of having to take out all my stuff from my bag, find a locker to put it in before coming through. Not to mention the librarians who constantly keep watch at us so we won't break any rules. Among the rules i often break when i'm here:
(a) no playing with the handphone
(b) no listening to music, even if it's on your MP3 player set at a volume which only mice can hear
(c) no talking, even matter being discussed is related to college
(d) no more than 4 a table (not my fault my gang's big!)

Yeah, that's why i never visit the library. Today i have made an excption because the temperature outside is so hot you can cook your eggs sunny side up on my head (not that i've tried) and my apartment has no air conditioner unlike my lucky neighbours who leave it on 24/7 and have to resort to wrapping themselves up with the blanket, comforter, etc because it's too cold. Lucky brats. So i'm here on the pretext of studying/ doing homework when i'm actually going to try and see if i can catch 40 winks before i get caught or dinnertime, whichever comes first. Maybe read a book (fiction of course) or half.

Had my English tutorial this morning, which consisted of 3 minutes of presentation on my topic followed by 7 minutes of group discussion which i had to facilitate. Of course, yours truly was freaking out about it, coz i generally don't do well when talking in front of a crowd. Talking about something serious, that is. Overall it went well, cept Ven forgot to change my slide as he was busy identifying a UOOS. which is Unidentifiable Object On Shoe, which caused everyone (8 of us in a group) to burst out in laughter, as well as my teacher. After stamping my foot and calling "Oi!" everything was back to normal. So now i'm done with English tutorial, except i still hve to be the participant for 5 other group discussion, which is actually a lot of fun. When you are a participant and not the one standing in front. Had to dress formally for the tutorial, and lyn did my hair for me this morning, hehe... unfortunately it was real messy by the time i was done, so didn't take a picture of how i was dressed today...

Next week would be Dee, Ven, Esther, Famida and Pang Ping's turn, so i can relax now, lalalalalala.... Have to think of stuf to ask though, to help them...

Due to certain circumstances, can't go down to JB this weekend, so only going back on the 8th of July, coincidentally Andrew's birthday... Will be meeting all BFF's except Dee and Wei Yi, who can't make it, sob sob...

Another thing i forgot to say: Argentina vs Germany tonightat 11 pm! Must watch! Go Germany! Go Ballack! Go Klose! Go Podolski! lol, you guys might find this very suprising, coz i have caught the World Cup Fever... No more "what's so nice about 90 minutes of watching 22 people chase a black and white ball?" for me! Gonna catch the match at Asia Cafe tonight with housemates + Andrew... Dee and Andrew are rooting for Argentina, so can expect much tension at the table tonight... Too bad my 'Dear' Ren Ee went back to Ipoh, so i only have Huoy Lee on my side... Who needs updates? Contact me! only for those supporting Germany though...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The One Where I Am Lazy To Use My Brain

After a week of classes, and the numerous brain cells i have killed worrying about my Bio presentation, i am too tired to think of something to entertain you people with... Came across this questionaire thingy in Mel's blog (who got it from Esther, lol) , pretty interesting really, so i'm gonna do it also! I'm totally un-creative, sue me (figure of speech, don't sue me for copying someone's thing, i'm broke) Here it goes...

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don't read the questions before you write, and tag 5 people to do this survey.

1. Zhi Ven
2. Celine
3. Fangi
4. Mel
5. Lynette
6. Dee
7. Jayne
8. Tasha
9. Stef
10. Wei Yi
11. Ren Ee
12. Huoy Lee
13. Andrew Choo
14. Esther Tan
15. Yueen Mun
16. Wei Yang
17. Archana
18. Adeline Pek
19. Nicholas
20. Harshini

How did you meet 14?
First day of college, had to introduce ourselves...

What would you do if you have never met 1?
LOL!! Would DEFINITELY be whacking and pinching less, as well as rolling my eyes and going 'Riiiggghhhhttttttttt'. Also would be complaining to mom about lack of potential boyfriends around...

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?
Wooohoo! THAT'LL be interesting.... Proabaly brag to everyone how i have lesbian friends (although it would be very mean...)

Did you ever like 19?
????????????????????? I'm beginning to regret this... Yes

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
Definitely!! Both of them are real cheerful (most of the times)and would get along very very well

Describe 3.
Fangi? LOL, the girl who doesn't give a damn what people think, taught me how to be sarcastic as well. A great friend to have on your side, you can always count on her to fight for you...

Do you think 8 is attractive?
Tasha? This is a question for Bryan, lol... A definite yes! She may not be drop dead gorgeous but her inner self makes up for the drop dead gorgeous part...

Tell me something about 7.
Ahhh, Jayne. She's always comforting people when they're down and telling them to be confident, giving them advice but when she's feeling self concious you can be pulling your hair out trying to convince her that she's great the way she is

Do you know any of 12's family?
Huoy Lee? Unfortunately only know them by name, as they're in Sarawak...

What's 18's favourite?
Tough one. Popeye?

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
Haha, we're married la, she's my dear... No need to say also i know

Who is 9 going out with?
Stef? A lot, including Kahn, Klose, Drew Fuller, Adam Levine...

How old is 16 now?
Wei Yang - 18 now, mentally maybe 12? when fighting with ren ee that is

When was the last time you talked to 13?
Yesterday, when i was going to the bus stand to get a taxi and he walked past Asia Cafe

Would you date 4?
I AM dating her now, in Starbucks together having a romantic time... Mel admits to this btw

Would you date 7?
If i was a guy yes!

Is 15 single?
Yueen Mun's single as far as i know...

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11?

Where does 6 live?
With me! Haha, we're not cohabitating though, hostel ma...

What's your favourite thing about 5?
She'll always help me when i need her (and sometimes when i don't, i'm not complaining though)

Okay, all done! LOL... Interesting?? Try it and inform me k? I want to know, curious...

P.S. Check out Kit's picture at
2nd picture, the caption is about him being the youngest player in under-18

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Long Wait

SORRRYYYY to all my loyal readers (if i have any) who have been waiting for over a month for an update on my blog... Being the thick faced person that i am, i will not admit that i'm lazy and will just blame it on the lack of internet at my place. Or not-working-internet to be exact because something's up with the line, but the guy who fixes it (affectionally known as 'pakcik') won't fix it till we tell him our phone number, which all 6 of us..........forgot. I however saved the day (almost la) by looking through my cupboard and after half an hour of tedious searching, finally found our bill from the month before, which has our 8-digit telephone number printed on the top very neatly! Woohoo! next problem: noone has pakcik's number, coz Adeline who normally calls him is on her term break now, lol... So looks like this problem will persist for a while longer...

Just a quick summary of what major things that happened the past month:
(a) Mid Year examinations, which sucked like hell, plus the MPH is sooooo cold my hands got frozen during English and Physics
(b) Mom and both brothers came up for Scrabble competition (don't say anything, i'm not like them)
(c) Mom stayed at my apartment, was not able to sleep due to lack of air con (LOL!)
(d) Mom brought me shopping, but i paid for my own stuff, even clothes and shoes! (this is important, mind you)
(e) Mom met Ven. I'm not dead (obviously) and neither is he
(f) Went on turtle trip to Terengganu for 3 days and 2 nights, very educational, and fun (for more details go visit Dee's blog)
(g) Hospital attachment (bloody medical director at JSH didn't forward my letter to admin, so they didn't know i was coming. Thank god i went one day early to check and Aunt Phoebe (Evelyn's mom) settled for me)
(h) Falling ill on the day before hospital attachment, which resulted in me looking pale and weak on my first day, and nurses in JSH wanting me to take medicing and lie on the bed
(i) Dad came back from Taiwan
(j) Drove up to KL on Sat, wei had another Scrabble competition
(k) Came back to Subang on Sunday morning
(l) got back results of midyear (Physics really sucks!)
(m) preperation for tutorials for English and Biology (sucks worse than Physics)

That's about all i can think of right now, will update soon k? Warning: this may vary from a day to a month, depending on schedule and internet availability

P.S. Cel coming back on Sat! Yay! Woman, if you don't come up to Subang i WILL drag you up by sheer force, since i didn't see you the last time

P.P.S 10 BFFs gathering on 1st July! 5 months ahead of schedule! Going back to JB during weekend....

P.P.P.S Congratulations to Fangi and Vinny, now we have to find someone else to worry about...
Hope i was the first to hear about it! Since i was so concerned and all, plus i was sooooo truthful when talking to you