Sunday, July 30, 2006

The One With The Advertisment

Anyone interested in works of art for the home or those who just like cute things like cute little salt and pepper shakers should come to this site and see what they have to offer: It's really interesting...

Have been studying all day for Biology test on Wednesday, so tired!! Ven came today to study with me, managed to make quite a lot of progress, now going through the past year papers... Tomorrow have to do Maths, read a little more of Bio and preapre for Physics peer tutoring, a great concept my Physics lecturer came up with... Instead of him revisng with us, he'll pick a student to go in front and teach for 10 minutes and answer questions... Anyone found to be unprepared or talking nonsense has to follow him to his next class and teach there, eeps!! Better go study now!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The One With The Trip

Sigh........................................................ Me sick, sob sob, and before my CT3 next week too... wasn;t feeling too well since Monday, by Wednesday already turned into cold minus the fever... Sore throat? Check. Dizziness? Check. Running nose? Ch.... eck. (it was running around, sorry) After loads of water and household remedies (panadol, Nocco, 100 plus, salt water gargling) i'm better now, cept my throat hurts a teeny bit and i've a nose block...

Good news is i've completed most of the work i was complaining about last week, namely my English outline writing, Chemistry practical proposal, Physics practical, Biology practical, Maths DI are all completed, so i've Physics IDS, actual Chemistry practical, Biology and Physics practical write up and Common Test 3 to go... Still a lot, but less than last time at least... Hopefully nothing else will be added to the list...

Sat for my UMAT test yesterday in Singapore, bloody hard! Don't like the concept where you have to do section by section within the time limit, and even when you've completed a section you can't go on to the next one or go back to the previous one. As a result i couldn't complete Section 1 and Section 3, so just filled in something... Luckily it was all MCQs... Went to Ven's house on Tuesday after classes, took a bath there then left for JB... Watched movie in the car, but fell asleep halfway, lol.... Other than sleeping and watching movie was spending time being entertained by Ven's brother's antics, cute 6-year-old kid... Sigh, don't remember my brother being that cute la.... Stayed the night at my home sweet home, Ven and family stayed with relative in Singapore, so we met up the next morning for the test. After the test we went shopping in Ngee Ann City, while everyone else was still in class studying... After lunch and shopping finally made our way back to KL. Went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner, along with Ven's aunt and family, plus his other brother.... Came back and celebrated Priya's legal birthday, according to the wording on the cake.... An eventful 2 days no? Heee... Didn't do any studying those 2 days, watched 4 movies though: Hitch, The Pink Panther, The Inside Man and Shall We Dance? as well as an episode of CSI: NY...

Oh, another good news! yours truly here didn't get NS, phew.... Not confirmed yet, so i'm still holding my breath and praying it's correct... so far Lyn, Sarah Jane, Alven and Chin Ying are the ones i know who have gotten chosen for NS, poor peeps... but i think they'll be able to handle it, since they're not spoiled brats....

Friday, July 21, 2006

The One Before THE Week

Had maths quiz today, got last question wrong, sigh............................ As if my previous quiz result didn't suck enough. Ven will usually cut in at this part and mention how he got 12/16 the last time while i got 3, and i pinched him from D Floor all the way down, coz he was sitting next to me and didn't give me no answer... Bet starbucks on this with him somemore! Gonna get ready to say Adios! to my money... Before quiz was allocation of group members for Maths Mini Project next Monday to Wednesday... I'm Leader of Group 6! *head starting to swell* Lol, so honoured to be up there as leader along with the super smart people like Desmond, Izyan, Fahimah... I've got Andrew, Esther and Amalina, so these 3 better not make me angry, or else... *cue lightning and creepy organ music* Not around on Wednesday though, coz going down to Singapore for UMAT test, so have to go to staff room early early morning on Thursday and copy data... Monday to Wednesday having English text production outline writing, so have to stay back Monday and complete the outline before going down to JB on Tuesday... Also having Physics Practical Assessment on Tuesday, and have to pass up Proposal for Chemistry Practical Assessment... not to mention have to research on my Physics IDS due in August, prepare for Physics peer tutoring (or else have to follow Mr John to his next class and present there) AND study for Common Test 3... Will be really jumping for joy on 9th August when everything's almost over, provided i'm not paralysed from trying to jump off the apartment roof....

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The One With The Complaint of The Utter Lack of Guts of Guys

Just saw the clip on Youtube where the girl in Miri got beaten up by some other school girls, very violent so i won't put it up here... One of them even used a wooden/metal stick to beat the girl, what the hell? Just because the girl will not retaliate or admit to something the head bullier was saying. Or screaming actually... But i'm not here to complain about how parents are bringing their kids up today, since i'm not very old myself and often don't listen to my parents. Nor am i going to say anything about the behaviour of the girls, who were not acting like girls at all (Note: having long hair and wearing a skirt DOES NOT make you a girl, you have to act like one. No, screaming like a girl doesn't either. Can you believe when the fighting was going on a girl actually posed for the camera? Sick wei...) but instead i wish to say something about the guys in the video, who stood at one side watching the 'show' for 4 minutes before intervening, and even then the girls still managed to slap and whack the victim a few more times... 4 mintues = 240 seconds the guys were doing nothing but talking to the girls in a i-don't-really-care-it's-actually-quite-interesting tone... Seriously, these guys have got to be the ambassadors for NATO (No Action, Talk Only) Association... congratulations guys, i think the girl being beaten up had more balls than you, since she didn't say a word and just stared at her tormenters in the eye... No wonder more and more girls are swinging the other way, what's the point of having a guy if he can't provide you with even a teeny bit of a sense of security?

P.S. This doesn't mean i'm going to start batting for girls.

P.S.S If anyone wants to see this clip just go to YouTube and type in Miri+fight

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just came back from the Taylor's Inter College Dance Competition! All the teams competing were great, as well as the performances... And lame as the emcee may be he was pretty entertaining... Overall, a good 10 bucks spent... Totally agree with the results today, 3rd place was this solo performance by a guy who danced like a very cute robot, lol... 2nd was this team comprising of 21 people from Inti International College, who put up a really good performance, but the best has GOT to be the numero uno team from KLICU, this 4 guys called Inferno!!!! Phew, what a performance, even had the song by Teriyaki Boyz in Tokyo Drift which everyone recognised immediately and sang too... Me and Ren Ee at least... After the results were announced it was time for serious dancing, with a great DJ at the turntable.... Which was when i found out an ugly truth: I CAN'T DANCE FOR F**K!!!!! Big thanks to Mel, Archie and Lyn who tried many times to get me to loosen my body and move my hips but after an hour of dancing the only results are 2 aching feet, a sweaty body but nil improvement in the dancing department... Thing is I can feel the music, i can recognize the rhythm, i sing along with everyone, i scream on the top of my lungs at a song, but moving my stick thin skeleton-like body to the music? Uh uh...

Sigh, think i'll have to put a paper bag over my head before my dancing skills can be half of that of the rest (Mel not included coz she's too good) due to my self-conciousness....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The One With The Song

This is the ending song clip to the show i have been hopelessly addicted to for the past month, Taiwanese idol drama starring the guys from 183 club, as well as some of the girls of 7 Flower... Just watched the last episode last night, happy ending of course, like all Taiwan idol dramas... But i like it! lOL, not something which requires me to use my brain for anything other than thinking about Ming Dao (main actor). I find this ending song really cute, especially the starting part with the umbrella and the ending when the girl comes down the stairs... Have managed to get Lyn, Mel, Cel and Fangi glued on the show, a job well done! haha... anyone else interested in the show come ask me how to get it, or watch it on 8tv at i-have-no-clue-what-time...

The One With The 'Advertisment'

Hey, anyone free on this Friday the 14th of July come for our prestigious Taylor's Inter College Dance Competition 2006 at Taylor's College MPH from 6.30 pm to 12 am... There'll be live performances by our Made in Malaysia artistes, such as K Town Clan and various deejays... From this it's obvious it'll be a night to remember! tickets are for sale at RM 10 bucks each, you can get the tickets from my good good friend Mel, who will be performing that day (she's the main reason why i'm going, lol) or from the table in front of Taylor's guardhouse...

Monday, July 10, 2006

The One With The Cool Clip

This clip is really cool! Unless you just had mentos and took a swig from your Diet Coke...

The One Where I Get to Act (UNVOLUNTARILY)

First of all, i would like to thank my pesky inconsiderate lovely thoughful classmates, for giving me the oppurtunity to play a part in out ESL presentation tomorrow on 'Man of the House' and COMPLETELY HUMILIATE myself. As if it isn't enough i have to be in front of everyone, i have to act, AND speak lines which will have everyone laughing their hearts out, and asses off...

The script: (no prizes for guessing who i am playing)


Flurry Sullivan is driving a brand new car, with his wife at his side, heading to his hometown.

[puts luggage in car, start driving]

Sullivan: So much has changed. When I left at 15, I have vowed to strive to turn my life around, to not get stuck in the life of the poor. Now 15 years on, I have succeeded. My business is blooming, and I am enjoying a comfortable life.

He has not been there for a long time. But today, 10 July 1949, which marks an important day, has drawn him home. He passes his old house- which condition is as bad as he remembers. He stops his Ford and enters the house.

[in house, surveys place, sees fireplace]

Sullivan: Time flies. I was only 10 years old, mom was ill, leaving me to do the housechores. How wasteful was me to throw a whole bundle of sticks to light the fire. I should have been as thrifty as my mother, as we had so little to live with. But that had made me realized that I had to improve my living conditions, I had to work hard. I did not want to live the same for the rest of my life. And I had made it.


After exploring the house and reviewing old memory, they continue their journey. He passes an old, red bricks building which refreshes his memory. He parks his car at the roadside and walks towards the public house. Surprisingly, he meets 2 of his old friends; one of them is Bob Connel who had prompted him to ask money from drunk. They sat down for a drink and caught up on old times.

Bob: So how are things going over there?

Sullivan: "Oh, business's good. My investment in Goodyear tires has proved to be a wise decision. I even had time to settle down and get married.

Friend 2: Oh that's good. So why the sudden visit back home?

But Sullivan is not paying attention. His mind drifts to 15 years back as he saw the bartender serving a glass of whisky to a customer. Back then, he had to get whisky for his sick mother, but he was afraid because the public house was always full of men. Even so, he managed to find the courage to ask for a glass of whisky for his mother. From that, he has learnt that people need to try instead of giving up. Life is all about trying, a major factor to his business's success.

Sullivan: My stomach tells me he doesn't want any whisky. Let's go.

Bob: What makes u think your stomach isn't a 'she'?

His friends follow him out of the public house half-heartedly, leaving their paid but not drank drinks behind.


After chitchatting with his dear childhood friends for hours, he joins his wife who is waiting for him, with shopping bags on her arms.

Sullivan: Sweetheart, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. There’s a lot to catch up with my old friends. I should introduce you to them one day.

Wife: Oh, it’s okay. I have enjoyed myself.

They continue their journey. They pass by the dispensary- the place he once went to get a cough syrup for his sick mother. Surprisingly, the dispensary has become a pharmacy now. He is shocked and never expects development is that fast. He again stops his car nearby and walks towards the pharmacy. The memory of being fooled by the red haired and white green eyes girl swarms back into his mind.

Sullivan: There have been so much changes here since I left. But there are more memories that I will never forget. I have learnt a lot about life.

As he let his memory controls his mind, he is wondering what has become of the girl who has conned him. She had tricked him so much- made him to drink his mother’s cough mixture, made him spend his only penny to buy her sweets. But what did he get in return? Empty bottle, regrets and sadness. He had also broken a promise.

Sullivan: I’m sorry, Virgin Mary. I didn’t mean to break the promise and not buy you the candle. I’m so sorry. I’ll not do that again. I promise.

Wife: Honey, are you alright? You look like you have so many things in mind.

He tells her the unforgettable incident between the girl and him.

Wife: But I am sure you have learnt a lot. How to place your trust on someone, to shoulder responsibility given to you and so much more. Those have turned you to be someone successful today. And I am proud of you. So is your mother.


Finally, they reach the destination. They are standing right in front of Sullivan’s mother’s tombstone. He feels a rush of all the sweet and sad memories, which he has had with his mother.

Sullivan: It has been a very long time since my last visit to my hometown.

Wife: Yes, dear. Your mother must be missing you very much if she is still alive.

Sullivan: I love her very much. I still remember how I cannot afford losing her 20 years ago.

Wife: What happened actually?

He began to tell her the most memorable story- when his mother was sick and he had to run the house and find a cure for her. From his watery eyes, she can feel that her man loves his mother very much. His mother was the most precious gift in his life.

In his mind, Sullivan is grateful to have a lovely mother. Although his childhood was not as joyful as the other children, he appreciated the happiness he felt to have a kind mother.

Wife: It is certainly important to treasure people around us. We don’t mind them when we have them. And then if we slip, we spend the rest of out lives regretting it. You have done really well, and should not feel sorry for anything now.

Sullivan: No, I have cheated her. I told her that I had lost the medicine. But actually I drank it.

He remembered how guilty he felt when he drank his mother’s medicine until the last drop. However, he really regretted and didn’t want to make any more mistakes. Thank God he realized it fast and told his mother the truth.

Wife: But you told her the truth after that. I am proud of you dear. You prove to be an honest son still.

Sullivan: The experience has taught me to admit mistakes I have made and improve myself. Life is a life-long learning process. If I have not learnt from the past, I would have remained as ignorant as before.

Wife: Your mother is truly a noble. Though she was the ill one, she still took care of you. She did not scold you, but had educated you to be a great man today.

Wife: Dear, let us pray for her.

Sullivan: Mom, my love for you will always be deep inside my heart, now and forever.

They stay there to pray for his mother.

Since young, one has to endure so much. Through trips and falls, one learns and gets stronger. Sullivan has proven to us that being poor and being tested with so many challenges, he has survived. It is utmost important to take lessons from mistakes and also to treasure everything in life, especially the dear ones. Then we can live with no regrets.

Zhiven- Sullivan
Pang Ping- background technician

Xinyu- Wife
Intan: Bob

Fahimah-Narrator (Underlined)
Jess- Friend 2

A BIG BIG thank you to my groupmates PANG PING, INTAN, JESSICA, and FAHIMAH. Watch out tomorrow.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jayne and Wei Yi: 2 out of the 3 absent today, sob... Posted by Picasa

7 out of the 10 who was present today, Jayne, Dee and Wei Yi missing... Posted by Picasa

Me, Fangi and Stef, the hot babe who's getting ready to go for the SMC concert Posted by Picasa

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