Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the girls who were all dressed up today, too many to name!  Posted by Picasa

the guys who were all dressed up today: (big) ameen, (small) amin, desmond, wajdi, syahriman, wei yang Posted by Picasa

me and famida Posted by Picasa

me and ade Posted by Picasa

me, desmond, ren ee, adeline, chun wah Posted by Picasa

ahhhh, much better Posted by Picasa

me and my dear, ren ee that is... the one in the back just had to interrupt us Posted by Picasa

getting bored...... Posted by Picasa

the peeps waiting for ceremony Posted by Picasa

waiting for flag raising ceremony Posted by Picasa

a sea of yellow in college Posted by Picasa

wei yang and me, in contrasting colours Posted by Picasa

wei yang and nabilah in 'matching' outfits, lol! Posted by Picasa

Me and Chrissy, most semangat-ed person, been wearing traditional costumes everyday Posted by Picasa

me and esther, wearing kebaya top with jeans, fusion!! Posted by Picasa

me ade and dee. that's ven's finger, doing a V sign btw Posted by Picasa

yueen mun and me. she's so happy she's my height thanks to the heels Posted by Picasa

me, esther, adeline and desmond Posted by Picasa

me with my borrowed baju kurung, borrowed from IZYAN Posted by Picasa

v. v.disturbing picture if you think about it THAT way, plus it was in front of everyone in class, lol! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Been too lazy busy to blog these few days, making myself real comfortable at home, Mom's being really nice... Not only did she NOT nag at me to study, she let me go out several times, except the day of the gathering in City Square....

Not going to say much, can't think right now, so I'll just let the pictures tell you what i did...

Lovely no? Posted by Picasa

Mom and her birthday flowers from Dad, received this morning Posted by Picasa

Jillian riding Emma's bike at Mrs Emilda's place Posted by Picasa

Enjoying afternoon tea at Vivo's Plaza Pelangi Posted by Picasa

Cel, Onne and me at Cel's place the day Onne stayed over Posted by Picasa