Sunday, October 29, 2006

Of All Times

Getting sick again.... Probably the 5th time i'm sick this year, so sick of getting sick... Started with a sore throat yesterday afternoon, by night Mr Fever and Mr Body Ache decided to come play too... Sigh, my body always decide to succumb to illness right before i go back to JB or after i come back, unlike Lyn who falls ill when she's back, lucky woman, at least she has her mom to take care of her then...

Hate feeling ill, plus it's distracting me from my studies, only 8 days to go to my finals!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Forgot to mention just now, but peeps whose blog links are on my blog, you have to be careful coz my mom found out about my blog................ Thinking of putting a password, but we'll see... Not that i publish anything i don't want her to know, but it's kind of weird no? Plus i don't want my dad to know i'm blogging instead of studying....


Came back to SJ by flight today, so lonely at home since i reached at 11 and Priya just came back, so i was basically alone for 6 hours... Okay, not quite, since Ven came to accompany me for a while... It was my first time taking a flight alone, kind of scary, even though it was just a 45 minute journey... Had to fork out RM 52.50 for taxi back to My Place Apartment, so expensive to sit alone, when i was going there with Dee and Mel it was only RM 15 per person! Oh well, i chose to come back earlier, so i can't blame anyone....

Haven't blogged for a week even though i was on holiday, coz i didn't even switch on my laptop the whole time i was back... Even if i did, i wouldn't have been able to blog lest any family member of mine finds out about the existence of this blog, turns out they do know, but i'll explain later....

It was like any other holiday, the usual waking up late, sleeping late, snacking the whole day in front of the TV, being nagged at to study (have to give credit to Mom, it was REALLLYY minimal) except for a few highlights:

(a) Reaching home : Mom fetched me and mel home, almost got lost coz she was too distracted listening to me, so i had to keep quiet till we reached familiar territory, lol! NEW LEATHER SOFA!! Hehe... Plus a new maid, her son's my age but 2 days younger, what a coincidence! Kit, being his usual self decided to outdo himself, and started to irritate me BEFORE i stepped into the house, pesky fella who won't grow up...

(b)Visiting Tebrau Jusco : FINALLYYYY!! Went to get winter clothing for my trip to Japan at the end of the year, ended up only buying gloves and 2 scarves coz mom hasn't decided what to get.... Went to buy nail polish, one dark purple, the other pink... god knows where they got the cashier, she took a look at both bottles (each priced at RM 8.90) and decided that 8.90 + 8.90 = 26.70, and when mom and I argued she shouted back at us! "Memang la, 8.90 campur 8.90 kan 26 lebih..." she debated until we made her use the calculator, then it was "Eh, kenapa macam ni?" then sheepishly accepted the 2 ten-dollar notes my mom passed her.... Note to cashiers: If you can't count, use the calculator in front of you!

(c) Watching 2 football matches: Managed to catch CHELSEA vs PORTSMOUTH on Sat, really fun to watch, especially with my two brothers next to me... After a goal-less first half, the 3 of us cheered loudly when SHEVCHENKO scored in the 55th minute... So excited were we that we missed BALLACK'S goal 2 minutes later (what i had been waiting to see for a long time, then when he scores i miss it, damn!) Quickly messaged Ven to ask if he was watching, unlucky guy turned off the TV set 5 minutes earlier, lol! Poor guy.... Both who scored got booked for celebrating too long, even though Ballack was dragged away from Shevcheko before the crowd got to him.... Final score 2-1 to Chelsea

Sunday was MAN U vs LIVERPOOL... Wanted Liverpool to win, so Chelsea will be ahead of Man U on the leaderboard, but they lost 0-2 to them..... Scorer was Scholes (his 500th game too!) and Ferdinand i think.... Only in the 80th minute Liverpool manager put their top striker Peter Crouch in, too late for him to score edi.... So Man U is still ahead of Chelsea by goal difference : (

(d) Seeing Mrs E: Went along with mom to send Boy to tuition to see teacher for a while, but she wasn't back yet, argghhh! Eva was so shocked to see me, lol... Came back the next day during Kit's tuition to see her, successful attempt! Just updated her on college life and applications for uni, got some advice, the normal stuff...

Only 4 highlights, it was a real boring holiday, but no complaints, i like my holidays boring, more time for me to laze around, hee.... Can't wait till my next holiday, 3 months long after my finals, yay! Or sobbz, coz the finals are coming...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Day

Yesterday was Mel's finals for the Catch Your Dream competition, but she didn't win, blind judges if you ask me, they should have been at her feet after she showed them her dance moves.... Oh well, the winner better be using the money for a good cause and not drugs i tell you, or else it would have been a complete waste of effort for the other 11 finalists and the many others who didn't get through to the final stage..... I'm sure you've tried your best Mel, even though i wasn't there to see you, so don't be too sad over it k?

Instead of going for the competition i ended up in Sunway for a good 6 hours, after my Maths tuition Ven sent Lyn, Dee and me to meet up with Adeline and Priya for the movie, John Tucker Must Die.... Not a bad movie, but not something i would have spent RM11 watching, even buying the DVD would have needed some consideration, since it's one of those Girl-from-uncool -becomes-cool-then-something-good-happens-followed-by-something- bad-but-in-the-end-it's-happpy-ending-all-around.... Like Mean Girls actually, although Ade thinks it's more like 10 Things I Hate About You.... You can go judge for yourself, this movie is the kind where you can either enjoy it or not like it depending on your company.... My housemates and I were probably the only group in the theather laughing, the rest looked like they were watching a documentary... On my left was Lyn's friend Aaron, and his 2 other friends.... these 3 were even better, they looked like it was a funeral they were attending, think the 2 guys actually fell asleep.... Ended up with a headache after the movie, repercussion from hearing laughter on my right and silence on my left.... and the many kissing scenes + thong scenes DO NOT help, the former coz Lyn kept squirming beside me.... Woman, grow up la! Sigh..... Headache lasted until after dinner at Kim Gary's, after which we were back at home... *relieved sigh* Ade got a message from Mel about her performance, then we gave her a call after the competition to find out the result....

Movie only gets 2 and a half stars from me, would have been higher if the group on my left (Aaron and friends) were removed or if Ven was there with me... would have had more fun since i can whack him throughout the movie since he would have been laughing the whole time....

P.S. How come noone laughed at the Gold joke????!!!!!!!

Do you wear contact lenses?
Well I have them but I don't really like to wear them.
[breaks her glasses] Now you do.
You broke my glasses!
You broke my brush.

- after Mia's makeover (Princess Diaries)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hate it when i'm like this, so so emo-ing.... At times like this my feelings take total control, and i can't do anything at all to stop this.... Just spoke to Mummy about letting me attend Mel's competition Saturday night... Called her Monday to ask, she said she didn't like the thought of me being there so late, but if there are people whom i know that's going and there's transport i can go... So i tried looking for transport and asking people to go, finally today Huoy Lee tells me she knows some friends from Sibu (who can be trusted) that can send us there, and found people to go with, so i called her to confirm... Guess what? "I don't care who's going, you tell her good luck, but you're not going. Your Daddy said so, she won't need you there anyway, it's not like you forced her to join." From this 3 short lines i have realized that:

(a) my parents don't listen to me when i'm talking, or they don't believe me, since even after i assured them that it's safe, it's still a big fat NO
(b) my parents don't keep promises... And they say teenagers cannnot be trusted
(c) they don't understand how important it is for her, and for me to support her, someone i've called pal for over 6 years
(d) my parents aren't that understanding as i thought they are, after all....

Even Adeline, who only got to know Mel this year (through me), whose mother has never met Mel before, has gotten permission to attend the competition....

People who think she wouldn't need her friends there since she's doing it for herself, put yourself in her shoes... I bet if you were her you would want your friends to be there for you right?

Ahhhhhhh, this sucks!

Just emo-ing, don't mind me...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gotta Do Something!

My my, all the commotion caused by me post last week.... People, don't be too hard on Sha-Sha k? You guys probably find it very bold of her to say that, but there is a story behind it..............which i am not telling, go figure it out on your own, but chances are you'll get it wrong anyway... HEEE....
So don't blame her, she's just cracking a private joke which only a select few know about.... But Tasha, never EVER repeat it k? On my tagboard or public anyone-other-than-that-few-of-us can see anyway...

Came back around 2 yesterday after spending 1 full day with my parents, had a nice buffet dinner in Jogoya in Starhill, so so full! Remembering how embarassed i felt when i fell down the last time i was there, Little Miss Clumsy (me la!) decided to wear proper sandals this time, which did not allow me to go ice skating on the slippery floor... No accidents this time, yay! Spent Saturday night in my auntie's place, shared the bed with Mummy, Daddy got kicked to the other room, muahahahahhaha! He wanted to read his book anyway... The next morning Daddy brought me to BORDERS and paid for 3 new books for me, 2 of which are by Jodi Picout, yay! Haven't read any yet, so i can't say how good they are.... Came back to SJ after lunch with the extended family, 21 of us, so so noisy!!!! Would have been more but Uncle Kok Wai and family moved to Melbourne, Se Von's in Perth and me two pesky brothers are back home playing PS 2 and eating pizza.... Lucky Kai Vin was there to accompany me, would have been so bored if not for him showing me funny videos on his phone....

Think it's not Blogger that's against me but my laptop in general.... First my internet wouldn't work, then it was Blogger refusing to publish my post, now all my links which i bookmarked are missing so i can't just click 'OPEN LINKS IN TABS' and read what my friends have to say on their blog, sigh.... And then Daddy told me to go check my laptop coz Dell was recalling the batteries, which may combust or burn, thank god my battery was alright! would have chucked the whole thing out the window if i had to go replace the battery, better to get a Fujitsu then, save the hassle of having to change the battery and filling in the forms!

If you guys are free, or missing Malaysia (those in UK or NZ or wherever) go listen to the Morning Crew's version of the Tokyo Drift song, uniquely Malaysian! Lyrics can be found at while the song is on Esther's blog at, the October 7 post

Charlotte: Antoine Suisson of Paris. Plays the harp. No title, but good family.
Lily: What about the title "husband?"
Mia: Yeah, he's cute.
Joe: His boyfriend thinks he's handsome, also.
Lily and Mia: Right on.

- Princess Diaries 2 (Chris Pine was Nicholas Devereaux!!!!!!!)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Blogger Hates Me

First things first: The reason why i posted about the Things Not to Say While Having Sex is just FOR FUN and NOT to guide anyone (who will be so stupid to actually say that i don't know) or myself. Plus, i don't intend to be having sex for the next 10 years so you concerned people can relax. I intend to be married by then too, by the way.

Actually had a post before that one where i was ranting about my marks, but after i re-edited it the bloody post DISAPPEARED... Thank you BRYAN for being so comforting : "You should have copied the entry and pasted it somewhere else. Ha Ha, like me!" Bloggger either is against me blogging about college, wanting me to only post stuff about sex, or just going bonkers.

It's been 2 weeks since I had my first trial paper, which means i've gotten back all my papers.... Nothing much to complain about the marks, except 2 were 1 marks away to the next band: a17 to a18, but not too bothered about that since i couldn't find any marks to fight for.... Only thing i wasn't happy about was CHEMISTRY which i expected a slightly better mark, but only managed a b16 thanks to the essay which i screwed (8 marks, i only got 1 mark and 2 LARGE red crosses, not the PBSM kind) which is my only b this time.... MUST GET 5A's NEXT TIME!!! Which is the finals, so DUH!

Moving on the less stressful topics:

Parents coming up tomorrow, meeting them after my chemistry mock finals tomorrow, staying the night in SUMMIT hotel if i'm not wrong... Packed some stuff which i'm not using so they can bring it back to JB, gotta start moving or as my dad says "we'll need a lorry to bring all these stuff back. No, make that two!" Having buffet dinner, in Shangri-La (the hotel) if there's no change in plans (fingers crossed) then Sunday going for my Grandaddy's birthday lunch before coming back to SJ to start another week of studying....

What I wish to watch now is the modern adaptations of 4 well known Shakespearean plays, namely Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, and The Taming of The Shrew shown on the Hallmark Channel on Astro starting Sunday, one every week.... Think the lady acting as Katherine or the shrew is Jude in Bridget Jones's Diary, hmmmmmm......

What I'm CURRENTLY watching is the SLAM DUNK anime which Ven lent to us, very very fun to be watching with Ade, Lyn, Huoy Lee, and Priya, especially when all 5 of us copy the girls in the anime and go : "RUKAWA! RUKAWA! L.O.V.E. RUKAWA!" or shriek with laughter when Sakuragi starts with his I'M-A-GENIUS-MUST-BEAT-RUKAWA phase.... LOL!

Just finished a book called THE PACT by JODI PICOUT, real good story although i was a little intimidated by how thick it was, but once i started, i seriously couldn't stop so i ended up finishing the 514-page thick book in one whole day! I know people like Fang, Tasha and Wei Yi are bound to love it!

Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away...


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things Not to Say During Sex

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* I have to poop.
* Smile for the camera!
* Get off me, i'll do it myselft!
* This is your first time...right?
* You're almost as good as my ex!
* When is this supposed to feel good?
* I thought YOU had the keys to the handcuffs?!
* I was so horny tonight i would have taken a sheep home.
* Keep it down, my mother is a light sleeper.
* Hey! My friends were right! You ARE good!
* On second thought, let's turn the lights off.
* I'm sobering up and you're getting ugly!
* But everybody looks funny naked!
* Do i have to pay for this?
* N0! You're too fat to be on top, You'd kill me!
* Actually, your sister 'likes' it like this.
* What's your name again?
* Hold on, let me change the channel.
* It's nice being in bed with someone i don't have to inflate.
* Uhhh...I think the condom broke 10 minutes ago.

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