Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Land of the Rising Sun

On my way to Japan now, yay!! So so so so excited... Transit in S'pore now, wasted like Rm 1000+ to go up to KL to board the plane just to have it come to hangi Airport..... Will blog when i come back, 4th December....

Sunday, November 26, 2006


God knows what got into my computer's mind in the middle of the night, probably decided it was being to nice to its owner, now half my songs are gone!!!!! Have managed to find some, but others i received from others, so i can't find them!! Arggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Can't find my Corrine May songs, and some anime songs.......

I bet if Pollyanna was here she would say "At least not ALL were deleted!!" and i would have punched the daylights out of her, NOT HELPING!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Me Esther and Dee at the lobby Me, Ven, Yueen Mun, Dee, Andrew with our lovely mentor, Mrs Quek
With Mr Yap, Chem lecturer who always whacks Ven
With Pn Mahani
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Ven, Me, Esther, Dee and Desmond, our class rep
Me, Esther, Famida, Jessica, Pang Ping, Dee
Our table
Standing: Yvonne (wy's gf), Wei Yang, Yueen Mun, Ren Ee, Esther
Sitting: Adeline, Me, Ven, Andrew, Dee
With JPA scholars: Famida, Fahimah, Izyan, Nabilah, Syahriman
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Me camwhoring
Camwhoring Again!
Ven and (big) Ameen
Ven and Wajdi, always chatting about football and Man Utd
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With Yi Sung, funny guy
The 3 guys at our table: Ven, Andrew, Wei Yang
Lyn and Me
Ven and Lyn
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Me and Ven
Prom King and Queen, ignore woman in white on the left
A close up
Everyone wants to take a picture with him, not me!
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Me and Nicky Boi
Me and Kok Hui
Band performing
Tjinn Lyim, my only friend in the same classroom as me for Finals
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Me and Jilly
3 couples: Desmond and Jui Bee, Dee and Andrew, Wei Yang and Yvonne
Me, Mel and Dee
Han John with Prom King and Queen (he's Ven's basketball friend, v. v. v. tall!)
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Me and Alex, Nicholas's roommate also from JB
4 JB girls
Lyn, Aaron and Me
G1 (some anyway)
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Chew King and Me
Keane and Me (he reminds me of Usher, with that hat)
Me and Jeffrey, my hospital attachment partner
Ven and his "nephew" and "niece-in-law"
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Corroboree 2006

Can't post the pictures up yet, internet connection is too slow, sorry!! I'll put it up these few days, i promise... Yesterday was one of the most memorable nights i had, had fun from early afternoon till 2 am in the morning, lol!

Cost of Preparation for Prom:
Hair appointment at A Cut Above : RM 85 (Dee had to loan me the money, thanksss!!)
Make up: RM 182 (Did it myself with help from Lyn and Adeline)
Dress: RM 90 (Courtesy of my auntie/godma)
Shoes: RM 49.90 (Courtesy of Mommy!)
Necklace: Free (Mom's old one)
Ticket: RM 100 (paid by Ven)
Hotel Room: RM 30 (didn't stay the night though, since everyone had other plans)

Total cost: RM 536.90 (OMG!)

It was worth it though...

Got a sore throat this morning, from all the screaming during the Table Game, lucky draws, "yam sengs" and when Ven was on stage... Had to do a catwalk and answer question, LOL!! But he won, so i guess it was worth it... Pretty unfair that only those wearing the colours of the theme can be nominated.... it was blue, silver and white by the way, since the theme is "Frozen In Time"

Had a good time there, just 1 complaint: WHY WEREN'T THERE ANY SLOW DANCES??? more like attending disco, with all the fast dances, which i suck at. not that i'm good at slow dances either....

Oh well, it was good overall, hee....


Will update on the corroboree when i get the pictures i took, just wanna say:

No, I'm not prom queen...

Still laughing in disbelief....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Trip to Times Square

Equation 1: 20 people + 1 theme park = loads of fun!
Equation 2: 23 people + 1 Kenny Rogers Roasters = headache for the waiters/waitresses!
Equation 3: 6 people + 1 Esther's house = Maggi mee + egg + ribena (hehe)

The 3 equations probably sum up my whole day yesterday during my 'class trip' to the indoor theme park in Times Square.... inverted commas when referring to trip is due the the absence of 13 G1-ians who could not/ did not want to come, damn the latter!!!! Huoy Lee was there with us, had to go scouting for her prom dress since she forgot to bring hers from Sarawak...

Was supposed to meet up at 11, but due to forseen and unforseen circumstances, some of us were late, oops.... finally entered the theme park at 11.55 pm, almost an hour late... me being EXTREMELY afraid of heights, the i-can't-even-lean-over-the-railing-and-look-down-in-shopping-malls kind, so i only sat on one 'scary' ride, which i didn't even know was going to be scary... The ride totally misled us with its pastel blue and yellow hues, making it seem harmless...until we got on and it spun round and round with such speed i thought it was going to fly out and land somewhere else... Was pinned to the outer side of the compartment i was in, which, unfortunately was where ven was sitting, so he kind of got squashed by me, if i am capable of squashing... Ven was kinda pissed at me, coz i after that i swore off all the rides, and whenever he suggested i go on one i whacked him so he wasn't too happy about this hand movement, sorry! only playing Bumper Cars, and sitting on the kiddy train in the Kid's Playground... i was reliving my childhood, alright? it wash nice, and we got to see the pwetty pwetty flowers in the playground, and the choo choo was nice and it was yellow and we went through a dark dark tunnel but there were swcary spiders there....

Lunch at Kenny Rogers, bill came up to RM 300++ which ven paid first with his credit card (yeah, i know! SHOPPING TIME! Have to learn his signature first...) After that we walked around a little, Dee and me bought the same dress in 2 different colours, a cute bubble hem dress for RM 25 only, it was a bargain we couldn't resist... Watched Casino Royale, which was much better than what i expected of a James Bond movie, as well as Daniel Craig as James Bond... I now know why they chose him, his acting is good, and he looks good too, with his piercing blue eyes.... the part when he put on the dinner coat the girl gave him, Ren Ee and I were swoooooning!! Haha....

movie finished 6 plus, then ven sent Esther back to her house, so dee, ren ee, andrew, huoy lee and me decided to pay a visit for a while, which ended up being 3 hours, lol! Had dinner there, MAGGI MEE! Ironically i have had less maggi mee here then back in JB... Thanks Esther for your hospitality!

Came back 10 plus, was soooo exhausted... helped lyn with her Personal Statement then went to bed, immediately entering Dreamland...

Thursday, November 16, 2006


*grins* I know Mel and the rest will be pissed at me but *grins REALLLLLLLYYYYYY big* I'm done with my FINALS! Now, everyone say C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E !!! Mind you, this is the build up of my happiness over time, was actually very calm when i finished my paper, since it was raining so heavily and all i could think about was "How am i going to go home without looking like a drenched chicken or avoid slipping down the Taylor's staircases and breaking my neck?" Yeah, i worry A LOT.... *grins* Sorry, can't get it off my face, has been stuck there with the strength of industrial strength glue....

Haven't celebrated much, coz Ven's got an ulceration (however you spell it) from improper care of contact lenses, so he had to go see the eye doctor (i can't spell the term) after our paper, so we didn't go out, it hurts for him to face bright lights, so no movie... Am going out to Times Square tomorrow, class trip! Indoor theme park, here we come!Gonna have to do something about my fear of heights though.... NG WEI YANG not coming though, go PAK-TORing with HIS GIRLFRIEND, abandoning HIS CLASSMATES!ISHHHHHHHHHH.....

Currently watching: Chobits (it is QUITE hentai la, Fangi)
Listening to: Jay Chou's Tui Hou (MV has HEBE!)
Reading: Fanfiction: Crossroads by Alcestis in (influenced by Adeline. Again) about the anime Fushigi Yuugi

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nakago chuckled, leading her to realise how much she had missed hearing him laugh (even if she had heard him do it only a handful of times…all of which had been disconcerting to say the least). He put down the newspaper, watching her with hooded eyes as she meekly sank into the chair beside him.

"I trust you slept well?" There was something deeply intimate about the question, made all the more so by the suggestive way he’d asked it. Combined with the dark sensuality which came so naturally to him, his voice became a lethally seductive weapon. Its effect on her was all too obvious…he knew just how to manipulate her, and he was using the ability mercilessly.

Miaka stared at her hands, tightly clasped together on her lap, "H-Hai…" she managed to whisper, trying her best to stop blushing. It was already bad enough that she was acting like a helpless, about-to-be-seduced heroine in some third-rate romance novel…she supposed she should be thankful that Nakago wasn’t the archetypal tall, dark and handsome rogue who would carry her off to Suzaku-knew-where and have his wicked way with her! Definitely not your average storybook hero, ne? More like tall, blonde and sinfully gorgeous knight in tarnished armour…a snide voice in her mind piped up with unholy glee.

It was now safe to assume that the colour of her face was fast approaching the peculiar shade of red which could only be described as 'Beetroot'. Sternly telling herself that the insufferable man was probably deriving a great deal of personal amusement from watching her squirm did not help much, although it did at least enable her to meet his eyes again.

He graced her with a slow smile which informed her that he knew exactly what she was thinking about, but instead of pursuing the matter, he indicated the untouched plate before reaching for the cup of coffee in front of him. "Help yourself."

She felt the heavy tension in the air dissipating slightly and blinked owlishly at him, recognising that she had been granted a momentary reprieve so that she could compose herself. Unfortunately, exactly how long it was going to last was anybody’s guess, especially when Nakago was the one who seemed to be pulling all the strings. "Aren’t y-you…" she licked her dry lips, "Aren’t you going to have any?" she asked hesitantly.


Her attention turned to the food sitting innocuously on the table before her. “Are they poisoned?” she said at last, quite proud of herself for the witty retort. The pancakes seemed to beckon to her, tempting her with their delicious aroma. Her lack of appetite over the past few weeks had alarmed Yui, Keisuke and Tetsuya. They had tried bringing her all her favourite foods; steaks, hamburgers, ice-cream…hoping that she would be coaxed into eating. Most of the food had gone to waste, with her only managing to eat a pitiful portion of what she would normally have consumed. Her brother and Yui had even dragged her to see a doctor, trying to find out if there was anything physically wrong with her, but nothing had worked. Now, however, she was ravenous, and could not remember the last time she had eaten…she had not felt hungry for so very long…

"Would I tell you if they were?"


Excerpt from the fanfiction Crossroads at
Go read if you find it interested!

Monday, November 13, 2006


Biology today was pretty alright, thank goodness it wasn't like bloooooody maths, with all the weird out of syllabus questions.... Now left with Chemistry, then it's 3 month long celebrations!! Going back to JB on the 26th of Nov most probably with Lyn's parents and her, since Dad can't come up and get me... CHELSEA VS. MAN U, must reach home before the match! 4 Chelsea supporters in the house that night, any Man U fans will be held hostage, lol!

Next post should be after my Chem paper, if i'm not too busy celebrating, hehe! We triple science students finish first, Specialist finish Friday, Econs on next Tuesday, right before prom, so everyone will want to kill us on Wednesday....

Listening to : Bai Se Feng Che - Jay Chou (his new album has a song with my name, Xin Yu!! Heart Rain actually....)
Watching: Chobits (hentai!!)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Can't believe I'm going to free in 3 days! Left with Bio on Monday and Chem on Wednesday... Will be celebrating the whole week after 2.40pm on Wednesday...

MUST STUDY! But don't feel like studying, bad......

Listening to: Nothing in this World by Paris Hilton (can't believe I'm saying this but it's not bad actually, video's real funny)
Watching: Tsubasa Chronicles (once it's downloaded) Syaoran!!!!!!

So I was thinking to myself when you passed me by
"Here's what I like"
And you were with somebody else but you can't deny
That's me in your eye

Do you know
What it's like
When it's wrong
But it feels so right?

Nothing in this world can stop us tonight
I can do what she can do so much better
Nothing in this world can turn out the light
I'm gonna make you feel alright tonight.
Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, Da, Tonight
Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, Da, Tonight

Baby, you and I, we got what will never be
You know I'm right
So tell me what you're waiting for when you're here with me?
Most guys would die

You should know
What it's like
When it hurts
'Cause it feels so right

[Repeat Chorus]

I gotta tell you somethin'
It's somethin' that you just might like
No, it's not the same thing
Yeah, you'll learn I'm not too shy
You and I, we can do this thing tonight

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

- Nothing In This World by Paris Hilton

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Terrible Maths

Had Maths early this morning, sucked like hell! Soooo tough, even the math geniuses found it tougher than any paper they've ever done... Except Shern Ern, the math-i-don't-even-need-to-bring-the-2-pages-of notes-into-the-exam-hall-genius, HE probably found it easy... My invigilator was real pissed with my class, don't blame her really.... First a few came in to the class at the last minute, interrupting her explaining the rules... Then this guy takes a long time to get his stuff out, and couldn't find his Student ID which you absolutely need to enter the exam hall, or classroom.... Then a guy RUNS into the class and almost bangs into her... Not helping was that the guy forgot his CALCULATOR, which you will die without... During the 10 minutes of reading time where you can't write in the question paper, this girl started doing the paper RIGHT IN FRONT of the invigilator coz the 10 minutes was up, although the invigilator hadn't said we could start... Entertainment during examinations, priceless!

Have been lazing around after my paper, don't feel like studying, but so very bored too.... Gotta start on Biology and Chemistry soon, make up for my terrible Maths paper...

Listening to: Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams
Watching: Sadly, nothing... Accidentally deleted my Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya files, sobz...

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise
'Cause there was a time when all I did was wish
You'd tell me this was love
It's not the way I hoped or how I planned
But somehow it's enough

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

All of the nights you came to me
When some silly girl had set you free
You wondered how you'd make it through
I wondered what was wrong with you

'Cause how could you give your love to someone else
And share your dreams with me
Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

You went and saved the best for last

-Save the Best for Last by Martina McBride

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Sam,

I had a dream about you last night. Actually, more of your absence... I dreamed we drifted so far apart i kept a record for 90 days the number of times you held my hand, the number of times you kissed me on the forehead when you said goodbye... Guess what the result? BINGO! a perfect ZERO. I woke up feeling lost, and i don't know whether the feelings i felt was from my dream or from reality. Can you tell me?


Dear Sam,

Felt giddy today, low blood pressure maybe, but that's not the point. I told you so, but the only thing you said was "take a Panadol". Honey, pharmaceutical advice was not what i wanted, not what i needed from you. Better still, you left me walking on my own, while you tried to beat the record for most distance between a couple walking to the same destination. I think you succeeded, really. I was angry, i admit. I walked into the restaurant, trying hard to catch your eye but to not let you see me looking at you. The only line i said to you: "Thanks for waiting" with all my sarcasm, but i guess you didn't catch it, ust like everything else. So mad was i that i waited rather patiently for you to hold my hand and ask me if i was feeling better on our way back, so i can fling your hand away with a monotonous and unfeeling "Like you care". My plan failed, as you know, since you weren't even walking by my side or close enough to say anything. oh well, i should have known better than to expect you to do that no? No worries, leave me for a few hours and i'll be fine, and you won't know a thing. Just like always.


Note: This post may or may not be a work of fiction, i'll leave it up to you to decide. Feeling emo now...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


*yawns loudly* Woke up at 5.30 am today so i would be wide awake for my Physics paper today, 7 am paper thanks to people in South Australia or wherever they are being 2 hours ahead of us, so the paper ends at 12.10 in the afternoon so they can go have a nice lunch or something... Slept at 10 pm last night to get at least 7 hours of sleep so i wouldn't fall asleep during the exam (bad) and drool on my paper (worse) and screw it up... Managed to finish my paper with 10 minutes to check my answers.... Hand was so tired after the paper, not to mention brain... So much to write... There were many questions where they asked you to show the calculations to prove some value, so instead of awarding you 4 marks, they tell you the value, make you do the whole damn calculations and halve the marks since they gave you the value already....

english was yesterday at 11.30 in the morning, 1hour of listening, 2 hours for essay and letter.... Listening comprehension had this 10 marks question so everyone ended up spending a lot of time on it, plus the essay was longer this time due to the many points we had to look for in the articles provided, so almost everyone was panicking in the last few minutes trying to finish the paper.... Yours truly only managed to finish 1 minute before the paper ended, habd was trembling sooooo bad, and it didn't help that my hands were freezing and i was coughing away.... even Desmond the smartest guy in class had trouble finishing, so that's saying something about the paper....

To reducet the chances of cheating we were placed in the examination rooms according to our SACE numbers, i didn't have ANY friends in my class, cept one of the guys from our turtle trip, a girl from Maths tuition and Lyn's friend, all of which i have spoken less than 10 sentences to this year, sighhhhhh.... So lonely there....

No paper tomorrow, which is why i've got the time to blog, next paper's on Thursday, another 7 am paper, this time it's Maths, after which i will be more than halfway done with my finals, woohoo!!

Currently listening to: My Valentine - Martina McBride
Currently watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I blame Adeline Tai for getting me hooked on anime) - She's a 15 year old who's only interested about aliens, espers, time travellers, etc. but she doesn't know that she's surrounded by them...

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You're all I need my love my Valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You've opened my eyes
And shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
But in my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my Valentine
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

- My Valentine by Martina McBride

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Finals are starting in 24 hours or so, where did the whole year go????

To everyone facing the same fate as me from tomorrow onwards, good luck!

English first at 11.30 tomorrow, only have got 1 friend with me thanks to the way the South Australian Exam Board places us, ishhhhhhh..... Like it's not stressful enough taking the 3 hour paper, you take away all my friends??? Thanks a lot

English 6th November 11.30 - 2.40 pm
Physics 7th November 7.00 - 10.10 am
Maths 9th November 7.00 - 10.10 am
Biology 13th November 7.00 - 10.10 am
Chemistry 15th November 11.30 - 2.40 pm

One and a half weeks to freedom, can't wait!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Should I Stay
By Dreamz FM

Had a drive
Driven by your love
But when you messed around
I lost the drive I found

Thought you needed
Needed someone true
But you changed your mind
Or had I failed you?

Wish you’d been
Careful with my heart
But you tore it apart
And broke an angel’s heart

The kiss was true
Has to end somehow
But I am livin’ proof of what love is about

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I gotta know
Should I stay or should I go?

You played me on
Played me like a clown
But I feel for you
Eventhough I’m down

My heart is heavy
Heavy like a rock
But I am so amused
You’re still in my thoughts

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I gotta know
Should I stay or should I go?

Oooohh…should I stay?
Should I go?

It’s hard holding you
Loving you, losing you
It’s sad to be true
And be fooled by you
I don’t know (I don’t know)
I wanna know
Should I stay or should I…?

This time its done
It’ll never feel the same
But we had some good times
Guess it’s sad just the same

I guess the truth
Doesn’t matter somehow
But you were livin’ proof of what love is about…