Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Christmas tree
Presents i wrapped
This is a bit weird....
Presents i got!
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Mom's flowers!
Too many roses to count....
Side view
All pretty and pink!
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Thursday mahjong, now poker!
Bet, raise, fold??
So many chips!
Who wins?

P.S. No money involved
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Mel, Fangi and Wei Yi
Cel, Mel, Tasha
Fangi, Stef, Tasha
Me, Cel, Fangi
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Cel and Mel camwhoring
Cel the Paul Twohill wannabe
I see you, you see me
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Cel, Fangi and Mel
Joined by Wei Yi now
Cel, Mel and Wei Yi
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!
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Cel and Tasha
Me and Cel
Tasha and Wei Yi
Stef and Tasha
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Michelle, Cel, Mel, Wei Yi and Stef
Let's be silly!
Models wannabe
Group picture!!
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The birthday cake!
1 big, 8 small candles...
So tall!
Heeeeee, cake!
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Wei Yi and Stef, so sweet!!
Me, Fang, Cel. What's with the mouth?
Wei Yi, Stef and Me
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