Monday, January 29, 2007

Day Out

Posting loads of pics of my day out yesterday with Sum Sum and the kids, since it's the last weekend they have in the holidays, school starts Wednesday for them... Took a train down to town, spent an hour and a half in Federation Square watching busker performances and having McD for lunch... The busker we watched saw me with my camera and came up to me to pose for the camera, lol! Then he asked to see the picture and stole my camera for about 3 minutes, before attempting to throw it to me! Closest i got to participating in a performance... Met Steven and his parents cycling in the square, 3 of them were going to watch the Australia Open finals, lucky!! His mom's Sum Sum's older sister, a pharmacist, so she was realllyyy happy when she heard what i was taking, hehe....

Weather was lovely for a walk in town, but when we got back everyone was soooo tired, legs were sore... Really fun though...

Went to get my Medicare, Medibank and bank account down today, lunch was sushi, plus salmon sashimi!! People here really like it, not that i'm complaining... Over here i have at least 4 meals a day, thanks to the 2 kids... Breakfast is muffins/toast, lunch usually nothing too fancy, then afternoon tea's chocolate cake, then dinner... Hopefully i won't gain so much weight i can't fit into my clothes, don't wanna spend much on clothes, although i am very tempted too... All the sales! but when i think how much it would cost in RM, then i can only sigh and move on...

SIGHHHHH.... Donations anyone?
One of the Buskers on Federation Square
Getting the audience to participate
Me with Edmund, Ashley and Steven's parents... Steven was taking the photo
Edmund, Ashley, Uncle Terry and Steven
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Two bikes in one! Blue part's for the child
In front of Yarra River
Ashley and me
In front of the kid's activity area...
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Well, a city needs cars right?
Ashley demolishing a building
Someone's trapped!!! Actually he fell then the kids threw boxes at him... Violent....
A tunnel the kids built
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Flower clock, as I call it... It really tells the time!!
Shrine of Rememberance - for the soldiers of Victoria who served in WW1 and WW2
Up close... Looks like some Greek building
Eternal Flame for the soldiers... "What if it rains??" Ashley asked
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The following are pictures of the rooms in the house i'm staying in now...
The room i'm staying in
Granny flat - room totally seperate from house
I love this swing!!
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Kitchen + Breakfast Bar
Living Room
Poor Edmund playing Monopoly alone, noone wants to play!
Photogenic? Definitely... I want a son like him, so cute!!
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paradise Kiss

Just finished my anime while waiting for SOMEONE to come online.... Noone's online!!! Okay, there are some, but they're either people i don't wanna talk to or Away/Busy/On The Phone.... Honestly, what's the point of being online then? Sigh........

Paradise Kiss. I know i've been going on about it for quite a while, but it was only today that i managed to finish all 12 episodes... Pretty good, but ending was ssaaaaaaadddddddd.... All the reviewers say it sucks, that the manga's much better... Which makes me wish i was in Japan and can read Japanese... ARRGGGHHHH!!! I'll kiss whoever gets me all 5 volumes of the manga!!!

Everyone in the anime is pretty/ handsome, damn. Unreal. Even Arashi who has a dozen piercings (some in the form of a safety pin, in his mouth and at his eyebrow) looks good... When his hair is down, I'm the opposite of Lynette-I-only-like-guys-with-spiky-hair-Yee...

Why isn't anyone here to keep me company?! I don't even mean in person, though that would be nice... WHAT'S TECHNOLOGY FOR?!


I miss home.

5 months to go.

At least.

My Life Here So Far

25th - Australian Citizenship Ceremony

Staying in 2 Crellin Street, Doncaster East, 3109 Victoria currently...

My sum-sum, Auntie Beng Gnoh, brought me along with her family to her parents' house, also in Doncaster, for dinner before the ceremony... Why are we attending? Sum-sum's parents were taking the oath to become Australian citizens... Love dinners here, have had salmon sashimi for appetisers TWICE!!! Dinner was wrap-your-own sushi, lovely...

After this post there are pictures of the ceremony and stuff... Oh, Steven's 13 by the way, which is XINKIT'S age, but he's my height!! Gawd, what do they feed the kids here... He was a ballboy for the Australian Open, and damn proud of it, since he was on TV.....

Ceremony was quite boring, but i had the kids to entertain me, lol! They're all soooooo adorable, especially Justin who's 6 this year, he thought my nails were fake and kept trying to pull them off.... His brother Gilbert and Edmund kept on singing Silent Night with a very low voice, so they'll seem older...

26th - Australia Day

Sum Sum didn't have to work today, so we went shopping for a duvet for moi, as well as stationary for the kids, school starts Wednesday, poor things... Dinner was at Auntie Ping's house, who is Sum Sum's Taiping friend (it was a Taiping mates get-together) Lots of delicious food!! Plus i met a real CSI, Dr Ong who's a pathologist working for the forensic department in Brisbane... CSI Brisbane!! Wonder if their DNA analyst is as cute as Greg....

Dinner was chicken rice, Auntie Ping's recipe... Really really really delicious, i probably had 1 and a half times my normal portion yesterday!! 4 types of dessert, heaven!! I'm really gonna be gaining weight here in Melbourne, if every meal is this good....

27th - House sitting

Everyone's not at home but me, Sum Sum and Edmund at a birthday party, Ashley at tuition... Not complaining, lots of things to do at home! Like watch my Paradise Kiss anime, which i managed to finish downloading, muahaahahahahaa.....

27th January today, Happy 9th month!
All this just for dessert at Auntie Ping's place!! Mango sorbet, jelly with strawberrries and jelly, cream covered chocolate cake, mooncakes, all home made!!
Enjoying the sorbet.... Boy smiling is Kiran, half Aussie, half Malaysian, 100% cuteness!
Edmund with his 2nd bowl
How the cake looks like inside...
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Edmund - 8 this year, same b'day as my dad
Ashley - turning 11 on 4th Dec, same as Wei Yang... The date, not the age...
Ashley, Edmund with their cousins... Guy in green's Steven, in blue's Gilbert, then Justin in red
Group picture with the mayor
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All Settled

Thanks for the concern everyone, I'm really really touched!! Looks like all the prayers and well wishes worked, as well as the flower bath and amulets....

Reached Melbourne at 8.20 pm local time, still bright outside, lol!! Auntie came to fetch us, staying at her house now, with Ashley and Edmund to keep me occupied... Slept too much on the plane, so didn't manage to sleep till 4 am this morning...

Woke up at 8 am, after dropping the 2 kids (school starts next week) my aunt brought my dad and I to Monash University... Enrolment was on Monday, so I met with the head of student services there to try and get a place in.... Whaddya know, someone gave his/her place up, so I got it after submitting an irregular offer form... Hehe, so yours truly is on her way to becoming a Pharmacy Student in the Victorian College of Pharmacy in Parkville, Melbourne, woohoo!!!!!!!!!

Upon receiving my offer, we went scouting for accommodation, finally found one around 10 minutes walk from campus, called International House... Single room, south facing, pretty nice place and surrounding, so i'm all set!!! Thank goodness dad's trip isn't a waste...

Now that everything's settled I have close to nothing to do till my orientation at International House on the 17th, so i should be online all the time... come talk to me!

Monday, January 22, 2007

LOL, forgot to add these pictues of Tasha, who noticed the lack of pictures to steal!
Mel and Tasha
Dee and Tasha
Fangi and Tasha
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Drastic: Flowers from the temple my unt asked my mom to get so I bathe with them, get rid of the bad luck...
More drastic: Getting me an amulet from a temple in KL and sending it down by courier
At least they didn't put a basin with fire outside my house for me to jump over........
Me and Fangi... Notice my new hairstyle? Cut so much of my hair.....................
Mel and Lyn
Tasha, Mel, Lyn
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Everyone present today: Tasha, Dee, Mel, Me, Lyn, Fangi
Tasha and Me
Lyn and Me
The skirt I got as a prezzie today from Dee, Lyn, Tasha, Mel and Fangi
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