Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last Day of Orientation

At long last, a week's orientation at IH ended today... Am gonna miss these activities, no matter how tiring they were, especially since after this everyone will be so busy with uni and not be able to spend time together like we did these past week...

Went grocery shopping today, but only bought air freshener and a basket to store my toiletries... OMG can't believe i couldn't find any rulers in the stationary section! Only a big wooden kind and a kiddy one... Had Mc'D for lunch, yay! Missed it soo much, lol! Suprisingly the burgers aren't very big, and they have burgers like double quater pounder and triple cheeseburger with extra bacon...

IH IQ test in the afternoon... Was told to study student handbook, if fail test have to have a talk with Deputy Head of College, omg! Yours truly did go through the book, just reading and not cramming... Test paper arrives, people start swearing about how hard it is, with mathematical questions and mini essays... Everyone starts on the test muttering and swearing to themselves, then the O-weekers come and ambush us with a water fight, what the hell.... Can't believe i fell for it!!!! I wanna be O-weeker next year too!! But have to go through auditions and embarrass myself first.......

Will post up pics of the people i've met here, but going for pool to enjoy my last day of hols first!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Moving in. Enrolment for International House. Orientation for both IH and Monash. Is it any wonder why I haven't been blogging lately or even have time to myself?

Sat: Moved into IH after lunch, enrol and move stuff into room. Wacky Welcome Games. Orienteering a.k.a. let's-make-them-run-around-for-an-hour-so-they'll-be-too-tired-to-be-up-to-anything-tonight. Coffee and cake party - passing on advice. Room Cram, one hour of 150+ people in 1 small room, learning and shouting cheers till the walls started getting damp from the heat and the windows fogged up. Floor supper.

Sun: Super Seminars on culture shock, transition, blah blah blah... Shopping for Poor Taste Party. Poor Taste Party, which is exactly what is says, wear clothes as horrible as possible. End up dancing without shoes then playing card games and mahjong in Games Room.

Mon: Orientation in Monash starts. Miss everything in IH till Cocktail and Mocktail party at night. Yours truly here is not allowed to drink, so went to view the sights along Yarra River with a few people i got to know from IH. Came back to party and had one drink. 50 cents cup of OJ. More card games in Games Room.

Tues: Amazing Race in Monash Parkville. Team gets last, lol! Comes back to IH to find Silly Crazy Games was just over. O-weekers, bathed in soil and grass give me a group hug. Another hug from Rahul, my O-week group leader. Meet The Tutors. Bush Dance - folk dancing with live music, spent most of my time barefooted. Again.

Totally exhausted now, since i was in every dance tonight from 8.30 till 11... Sang along as this guy who has perfect pitch played his heart out on the piano, Jay Chou's An Jing, Ju Hua Tai and Guang Liang's Tong Hua, as well as Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends...
What you see once you enter my room...
My bed!
Welcome sign i got on my door.... I'm in the kingdom of CobRAHUL, hence the crown on the drawing...
Big big big version of our O-week timetable....

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Dining hall in IH
Why do guys all cross dress for Poor Taste?
Place is packed with IH-ians
Wedding car i spotted when waiting for the tram.... Lucky me, it stopped at the traffic light... Don't think the bridesmaid sitting in front was too happy about being snapped though....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Moving In + Happy Chinese New Year

Soooo sorry I havent' been updating my blog, and this is also gonna be a short one coz i'm due for BBQ dinner in 3 minutes, lol!

Been really busy since Sat afternoon, moving in and orientation and stuff (they gave us condoms with our enrolment pack, FYI)

Gonna be busy for the rest of the week too, even more so tomorrow due to the orientation in IH and also in my campus, which is realllyy close to IH, so everyone's jealous since they all go to Melb Uni or some other unis around, but mine is way closer than theirs... Will be posting some pictures and talking more about IH tonight, especially Room Cram, so stay tuned!


I miss the angpaus and the gambling, sigh...

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Went to collect blood test results.

Kidney, liver, thyroid normal.

Heck, everything was normal.


Iron and Ferritin on the low side.

Prone to anemia. Might feel lethargic or faint at times.

LOL! Excuse to sleep more!!!

This still doesn't solve my problem...

V day was spent in the city with Nicky boi. Alone. Why? Smart YX who suggested the gathering had plans.

Must have gone to campus and saw a pretty girl..........

We walked, sat down, walked, ate, walked, sat down, walked, parted.

Nice way to spend it I guess, better than being stuck at home.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

2nd Valentine's day that i'm spending in a place other than home... Kinda sad really, at least at home i had at least 2 dates, namely Kit and Wei... Last year was worse than this year's, at least this time i don't have 2 roommates who are happily attached (to someone who is near them) and can go on dates, leaving me alone in the room... So pathetic was I they even got me a teddy bear as a Valentine's Day present...

Was supposed to be going out on a "date" with Nicky boi and Yuan Xiang, but something came up and spoiled our plans, namely Nick... This is how it goes...

YX: Hey, since we're both free and lonely on Valentine's Day, we meet up and spend together?
XY: Okie, call Nick along!

YX and XY dances away, as they're too happy they won't be spending V day alone... Along comes Nick with a bucket of cold water and empties it over YX and XY's heads...

Nick: Sorry, I'm reaching late Tuesday night, gotta unpack the next day....

YX and XY: *sadly* Okay.....

Tuesday night arrives, and at 9 pm local time... Phonecall!

Nick: Eh, i've reached!


Nick: Hehe, late what....

Murderous glint appears in XY's eyes...

Soooooo, since someone's not free, i arranged a doctor's appointment to get this hair loss problem over and done with....

This morning, 8.48 am, a message arrives...

Nick: Hey, i'm in my campus now, gonna be free the whole day, wanna meet up?

XY falls out of bed cursing Nick...

There you go, the whole story on how our plans didn't work out... Might go if there is time though, really really REALLY don't wanna be alone today...


Poor Convent girls having Sukan Tara or Sports Day today, can't remember which! Reminds me of the leadership talk we had on V day in Form 4, followed by Physics tuition... Following year was celebrated in Add Maths tuition... Both years with Mr Chua, rofl!

Monday, February 12, 2007





Blood Tests....

Are horrible.

Had to get a blood test done this morning coz yours truly here has been experiencing abnormal hair loss a.k.a so-much-hair-is-falling-out-I'm-freaking-out syndrome, to rule out any deficiencies could have caused this problem...

Nurse checked both arms, decides right is better... Needles goes in.........

No blood.

Nurse goes for left arm now.... Successful! Blood is drawn, but wait.... Not much is coming out....

Nurse calls colleague in to locate another vein to draw blood from. Right arm again. Yes! Enough blood for the test!

Right arm's starting to bruise now.....

Well, at least they were nice about it and apologized...

Note to self: Drink LOTS of water before going for a blood test!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

If You Leave Me Now - Chicago

If you leave me now
You'll take away the biggest part of me
Ooh, no, baby please don't go
And if you leave me now
You'll take away the very heart of me
Ooh, no, baby please don't go
Ooh, girl, I just want you to stay

A love like ours is love that's hard to find
How could we let it slip away
We've come too far to leave it all behind
How could we end it all this way
When tomorrow comes and we both regret
The things we said today

A love like ours is love that's hard to find
How could we let it slip away
We've come too far to leave it all behind
How could we end it all this way
When tomorrow comes and we both regret
The things we said today

If you leave me now
You'll take away the biggest part of me
Ooh, no, baby please don't go

P.S. It was in 'A Lot Like Love' and 'Happy Feet'

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Help me guess the song!

Okay, you can tell i'm desperate since i have to post on my blog a plea to everyone to help me with this song... Pretty old song, which i have heard many times, but suddenly the name just slips my mind and i'm stuck with a very very annoying earworm or whatever you call them, when the song gets stuck in your head and keeps playing over and over again and you have to play the song out loud, so either you get cured or everyone has it stuck in their head...

1. Old song 1980's maybe?
2. Boyband. Not like N'Sync or BSB, as in it's band with all guys
3. Slow, i would say
4. Lyrics goes something like "oooo girl, baby please don't go"
5. If i'm not wrong I've heard it in a movie before


Don't think i can sleep tonight, with it stuck in my head... Was so desperate i even messaged Cel, would have asked Fangi but it's past 2 am there... Have asked Kai Vin, Wei Yi, Tasha and googled it, but i still can't figure it out....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Enrollment day today, also known as the most exhausting day of my life since i've been here in Melbourne... Usually my day consists of me staying at home alone, surfing the net the whole time, except half an hour when i heat up my lunch, finish it, and do the dishes, till my aunt comes back from work and gets the kids from school, which is around 4 usually... Only outdoor activities are trips to the park or the city during the weekends, or a short game of 2 vs 1 basketball after dinner... Today, however, started with yours truly sacrificing her beauty sleep and getting up at 7.30 a.m.

7.30 a.m. That's like torture!! Okay, i'm getting too used to sleeping more than 8 hours a day. Make that 10 hours. Temperature outside was 17 degrees. Crawled back into bed only to have Ashley knock on my door and asking me to go out... Would have ignored her, but it was my aunt's birthday so i didn't wanna piss her off... So got up and made my own breakfast, since they finished it in the 10 minutes i needed to get up and brush my teeth... Got ready and left the house to walk to the nearby bus stop at 8.20, reached bus stop to find that next bus is at 8.58 since the last bus just left. At 8.16, just 4 minutes!! Decided to fall asleep, but this elderly lady was looking at me, so i decided to stay awake instead... Bus comes ahead of schedule, a sight you never see in Malaysia, but pretty common in OZ... Still, bus waits till exactly 8.58 before leaving, so others can rush to catch it, since they aren't actually late, how nice... Yawn...

Reached the city at 9.50 am... Have finished one book (Sweet Valley Jr High, courtesy of Ashley) and yawned way too many times to count... It's still freezing outside, quickly put on jacket before bus stops... Took me about 15 minutes to find correct tram stop... It's past 10 already, which was the time I was supposed to be there for enrollment... Swears under her breath while seated opposite 2 students discussing punk rock and how it's different from rock and how cool Gwen Stefani is...

Reached Victorian College of Pharmacy at 10.25, a long queue awaits me............... Have to fill in photo release form before taking student ID picture... Me, being a minor, can't sign it, so i didn't get that done... Out of 10 students there enrolling for Pharmacy, 8 were girls, 7 of the girls were Asian, 3 of the Asian girls were under 18, like me! Made friends with this sweet looking girl who was one of the afore mentioned, from Brisbane born Asian... I have no clue how to spell her name though, I've never heard of this name before, so sorry... Will go find out!

Lunch was in the city, just some sushi and sashimi, i'm totally addicted to sashimi now! Wei will be soooo jealous... Went shopping after that, window shopping, of course... Nothing caught my eye, except a IPOD VIDEO 30 GB going for 380 bucks! Which is MUCH cheaper than in Malaysia, hint hint!

Took a bus to Doncaster Shopping Town, bought prezzies for me cousins and aunt, it's her birthday today! Was in a bookstore opposite the post office, when this lady in the PO started shouting at everyone. Like really loudly.... Kept going on about how everyone there worships Satan and that Jesus Christ will protect her, while going up to people and putting her hands up dramatically, basically freaking everyone out... *shivers* luckily i wasn't there...

Had much trouble going back to the house, aunt told me to take 305, but there are 2 kinds of this bus, one to the city, the other to The Pines, another shopping centre... Took the one going to city unknowingly, but realized before the bus went on the freeway and quickly got out... Had to walk and find a bus stop in a different area that would get me back to Doncaster Shopping Town, while carrying presents and books and my enrollment stuff, imagine that! Finally got on the right bus, then thanks to some passenger, got off 3 stops too early... What to do? Walk somemore, since next bus passing through was in 45 minutes... Halfway back, aunt passed by and stopped to let me in, kids decided to stay for extra swimming after their lessons, God bless them!! Supposed to get home at 4, but only got back at 5.30, sighh....

Uncle came back today, so went to Taco Bill to celebrate aunt's birthday... Aunt let me try some of her frozen lemon marguerita, so i'm kind of giddy now, and sleepy... Mom, don't kill her! Was only 3 sips... Tequila + sore legs + big dinner = xin falling asleep while typing a post she probably don't remember writing tomorrow...

Goodnight people! Adios!

P.S. House Season 3 started last night, yay! House's leg is healed, and he seems to be nicer, it's a MUST WATCH!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Went shopping in 2 malls today, to buy Ashley a pair of new school shoes... 100 Aussie dollars for a pair of brown leather school shoes, and i've never been so thankful for BATA in my entire life, mom's probably thinking the same thing too! Uniforms here vary from school to school, and cost a bomb, according to my aunt... Then... why are they uniforms? They can only unify students of a school and not all students in a community, as opposed to in Malaysia where all students stand together in hating our school uniform as something which suppresses our creativity and stops us from unleashing our true potential and be a unique individual like how God meant for us to be!

I'm just kidding, if you didn't realise that already...

Chicken porridge for lunch, pizza + dimsum + more prrodge for dinner... It has been a while since i've had porridge, and i was momentarily overwhelmed with emotions which i didn't come to terms with until that moment when i first tasted that hot, almost scalding porridge...

I miss the porrige in Convent!

Very potong stim, i know... But seriously, where else can you get such tasty porridge for RM 1.50 except at the primary school side of the Convent canteen??? (FYI, it's cafeteria now, and the whole place was taken over by the primary school side, yay!) A plate full of porridge (the mashed up kind, where you can't see the individual grains, which is how i like it) with sambal fried kangkung, half a salted egg, peanuts, ikan bilis, sambal and "chai pok" or pickled radish, was what i looked forward to the most on Mondays in school, everyone can see my enthusiasm for leaving for reccess on that day! (ask Fangi) SIGGGHHHHH.....

Only bought one thing today... Was at this place selling accesories called diva! if i'm not wrong, where many items were on sale, like dirt cheap, a chunky bracelet for 3 bucks, a pair of earrings for 2 bucks... So yours truly got herself bracelets, it came 4 in 1... They're elastic, so it DOES fit on my hand without falling off, in case anyone was wondering... Funny thing was, various accessories of various colours was on sale, except anything in black. Which was what i was looking for, so i got...

White. For a price cut from 9.95 to 2 bucks, i was willing to overlook the fact that it was my second colour choice... I'm sure that everyone also realized within one tenth of a second that my nails are wayy long and are paintd electric blue now... Haven't actually cut them since November i think, just a bit of a trim now and then, hehe... The teachers in Convent will be appalled!! Must remember to remove it (the nail polish, not the nail) before enrolment on Thursday, don't wanna scare any administrative staff...

Then i'm gonna heed my aunt's advice: "Black's nicer, why not paint them black?"

Yes, the aunt with 2 kids!

And in southern Johor, a young boy too skinny, short and immature for his age is by his mother's side, attempting to wake her, who promptly fainted upon reading the comment made by her sister-in-law regarding her daughter's choice in nail colour...

And somewhere in Sungai Buloh, some guy who has been playing wayyy too much basketball is mutterring under his breath about how he was gonna remove every single spot of black on someone's nails the instant he sees her again...

Ahhh, the benefits of being away from home!
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