Friday, August 31, 2007

happy birthday!



Mummy's birthday today! Wishing my beloved Mummy a wonderful day today, and may she stay healthy, happy and beautiful for the rest of her life! Should have received Dad's flowers by now right?

First time not spending Mummy's birthday with her, feeling a little homesick now... Hopefully without me around my 2 brothers will know what to do for Mummy, big boys already, must do something for her alright? Or else I'll come back and beat the hell out of you 2 for mummy...


The Birthday Song - Corrinne May
Don't worry about that extra line
That's creeping up upon your face
It's just a part of nature's way to say you've grown a little more
Trees have rings and thicker branches
Kids shoes get a little tighter
Every year we're getting closer to who we're gonna be
It's time to celebrate the story of how you've come to be

Happy Birthday, my friend
Here's to all the years we've shared together
All the fun we've had
You're such a blessing
Such a joy in my life
May the good Lord bless you
And may all your dreams come true

So light a candle on your cake
For every smile you've helped create
For every heart and every soul you've helped to grow
A little more
A few more pounds, a little more grey
Don't count the years, just count the way
It takes a little time to go from water into wine
Don't ever lose the wonder of that child within your eyes

Happy Birthday, my friend
Here's to all the years we've shared together
All the fun we've had
You're such a blessing
Such a joy in my life
May the good Lord bless you
And may all your dreams come true

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Facts about malaysia even some malaysians don't know!

The largest cave chamber in the world is the Sarawak Chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, which can easily accommodate a Boeing 747-200.

SABAH is home to the Rafflesia, the largest (and smelliest) flower in the world.

MALAYSIA has 65,877 km of highway. This is more than the Earth's circumference of 40,075 km.

The word ringgit (Malaysian currency) means "jagged" in Malay, and originally referred to the seperated edges of Spanish silver dollars widely circulated in the region.

Malaysia has 9 sultans, the highest number of reigning Sultans in the world.

The Penang Bridge is the third longest in the World. It spans 8.5 km from Seberang Prai to the island.

The longest mural in the World is painted on the walls of Pudu Jail, Kuala Lumpur. It is 263 m in length and 4.47 m high. The mural was painted by a single inmate, Mr Khong Yen Chong who was released in 1987.

In Peninsular Malaysia, more tree species are found in 125 acres of Tropical Forest than in the entire North America.

The biggest pencil ever made is 20m high and it is located in Malaysia. The pencil is part of the Faber-Castell Malaysia production site.

Convent my love

Just had mini Malaysian night for High Table dinner in IH today, since it's MERDEKA!! tomorrow. Mom's birthday as well, but that's a different topic which would be up soon =)

Had to make a presentation about Malaysia as well as a fact sheet containing interesting and utterly useless facts about Malaysia. As well as sing the national anthem... Brought back all the memories of being in school and dreading singing it in assembly, coz it means making the assembly that bit longer.

Suddenly missed my old choir too, wonder how it is now? Still with Pn Doreen being as strict as she is, and her "Scared also cannot be scared talk", "We are only as strong as the weakest link" and “Eyes on the conductor, I don't care if it's your parents, your boyfriend, watch HER, not them!" All the wonderful times we had at practice, the constant smiling till your jaw hurts, the no-fidgeting rule when on stage, the warm-ups which took up as much time as the actual singing... Haiz, feel kinda old now...

Decided to Google "convent JB" for fun, and see if we have a website (Fang, i think our computer club didn't fix it right?) and found plenty of blogs instead. Current students, people talking about our students, ex-Convent girls, including a certain Eelyn Low who was my choir senior 3 years ahead and Kee Chia Wen, whom i remember as a strict St John senior. There were pictures of her in a swimsuit. Found it kinda odd to "see" her in something other than St John attire or school uniform actually...

Independence Day tomorrow, MERDEKA! Not much celebrations, cept at midnight there'll be a group singing (I don't want to say choir as not to insult choirs) of patriotic songs on 3rd floor Wadham, gonna bring my flag and camera there!!! Expect pictures, maybe a video? We'll see how bad the singing is XD

That's about it for now, will probably be updating pretty frequently for a while, loads to talk about!


Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

got tagged

Just when I thought I was spared the evil clutches of Tasha, I get tagged by Angel instead. Marvelous.

Tag 3 people to do the meme when completed.

1. My ex is:
crazy about basketball. last i checked anyway...

2. I am listening to:
Soundtrack from Corner*With Love

3. Maybe I should:
get more sleep.

4. I love:
shopping, but didn't realise until I had to go cold turkey here in Melbourne

5. My best friend:
understands me better than I do

6. I don’t understand:
my Pharm Chem lectures. =(

7. I lose:
weight working self help in the kitchen, coz I don't feel like eating after that

8. People say:
I'm smart. These people have never met my dad

9. The meaning of my screen name is:
a shorter form of my name which is used by close friends

10. Love is:
amazing when the person you love returns the feelings

12. I will always:
eat my apples sliced, and with salt

13. Forever:
is a terribly long time

14. I never want to:
eat burnt cuttlefish, since that fateful day when I was 13

15. My cell phone is:
on it's way down and coveted by my brother

16. When I wake up in the morning
at least one thing on my bed is on the floor

17. I get annoyed at:
people who try to hard to please

18. Parties are:
great fun, and the best place to look (and laugh) at drunk people

19. My dog is:

20. Kisses are the worst when:
it's from a dog. personal experience here

21. Today I am:
wanting to get back to bed

22. Tonight I will:
sleep early to repay my sleep debt

23. Tomorrow I will:
curse the fact that I have 5 classes on Monday

24. I really want:
more money to spend. *hint hint* to Dad

25. When I looked at myself in the mirror today I:
discovered I look like hell when I just wake up

26. I will drive my car:
Mom will be next to me screaming

27. A word that rhymes with “PARK” is
the DARK MARK (death eaters!!!)

28. Bright or Dark Room?:
bright. so I don't knock into anything, which I already do quite often with the light on, worse if it's dark

29. If I’m alone in a room with two beds, I:
find someone to fill up that other bed (LOL!)

30. The last thing I said to someone was:
"You're so cute when you're drunk"

Now to tag people.
I tag:
Jac Kee
Esther Tan
Fong Zhi Ven

if they still read my blog, that is

Friday, August 24, 2007

Short Update

IH Open day was last Sunday - earned 60 bucks for just 2 hours of bringing people around the college and answering questions they have about living here. Hehehe, best job ever!

Been real busy these few days with rehearsals for The Goodbye Girl, a musical IH is putting up, opening night's tonight at 7.30 pm! Yours truly is doing backstage (as always) and having a tiny role as a schoolkid. Oh joy, I come to uni just to prance around in uniform and act as a 12 year old schoolkid again. Grrrrr! Okay, think room points. *smiles* Much better.

Hopefully I'll get to study more once the musicals are over, you know you should start studying when Jin Sern a.k.a. Mr. I-don't-attend-classes-most-of-the-time-and-start-studying-only-just-before-exams starts studying already.

Winter's ending already, which means spring is near! Can see lots of flowers blooming already, which looks lovely! Especially this tree within the grounds of my Head of College's apartment, the flowers are so pretty... Will try and snap a picture of it. It's a lovely sight to see when coming home from class, brightens my mood!

Okay, all for today! Or this week, depending on how free I am to blog.

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你说把爱渐渐放下会走更远, 又何必去改变已错过的时间。。。

Monday, August 20, 2007

爱转角 – 罗志祥

我伪装著 不露痕迹的 想在你身边
静静的陪著看著天边 骑著单车 往前行进著
某个路口 爱著等著 你往前走 不回头看了
记忆的笑脸 缓缓的敲著我的琴键 我不舍得
让你孤单单的 我爱你的 心牵挂著 一直想跟你说
幸福不在溜走 在下一个路口 幸福哭著说
心不再拼命躲 不去害怕结果 下个路口
你会看见爱 有美丽笑容

爱转角遇见了谁 是否不让你流泪
爱转角以后的街 能不能有我来陪
爱转角遇见了谁 是否不让你流泪
也许陌生到了解 让我来当你的谁
我不让爱掉眼泪 不让你掉眼泪
现在永远 你就是我 就是我的美

心不再拼命躲 不去害怕结果 假设有个以后
你会怎麼说 一直想跟你说 幸福不再溜走
下个路口 你会看见爱 有美丽笑容

爱转角遇见了谁 是否有爱情的美
爱转角以后的街 能不能有我来陪
爱转角遇见了谁 是否不让你流泪
也许陌生到了解 让我来当你的谁
我不让爱掉眼泪 不让你掉眼泪
现在永远 你就是我 就是我的美

爱转角遇见了谁 是否有爱情的美
爱转角以后的街 能不能有我来陪
爱转角遇见了谁 是否不让你流泪
将寂寞孤单作废 让我来当你的谁
我不让爱掉眼泪 不让你掉眼泪
现在永远 你就是我 就是我的美

Friday, August 10, 2007

Nothing to blog about =(

Yes yes, yours truly hasn't been updating, but it's not her fault there's nothing worth blogging! *sulks*

Life's been filled with lectures, practicals and tutorials, and my mind is almost crammed full with all the stuff I've learned over the past weeks. Nothing much done other than studying since I last blogged, except I finished my drama 'Corner With Love' starring Luo Zhi Xiang and Barbie Xu (Shancai from Meteor Garden). I'm such a sucker for such shows, especially when guys cry in the show, it feels so much sadder than when a girl cries, since girls in the show cry in almost every scene anyway. Plenty of shows to watch thanks to John, or his brother actually, really want to watch but I don't have the time for it, sigh... Dexter lent me his friend's MOBTV account so I can catch my Singaporean dramas (which I absolutely miss) but I haven't watched any yet since 1 episode of my beloved dramas will eat up all my quota for the week, damn! Will have to stick to reading the episodic synopsis from the Mediacorp websites I guess...

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