Monday, September 24, 2007

cheer me up!

She's sad.... But place the cursor over her face...

And she's happy!

Has everyone seen this Cornetto advertisment? When you send an e-mail on Hotmail you'll see it.

If only you could really cheer someone up that easily, just by staying there and having your hand (or cursor) in front of the person.

I wish it was easier to cheer people up.

I wish it was easier to be cheered up.

Again mom, DO NOT panic about this.

Somehow when you have that warning after an emo post it just doesn't have that edge anymore, sigh... What to do, I'd rather make my post seem silly than have Mummy worried about me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

survive - gabrielle

I don't wanna talk about it
It makes me wanna cry
Every time i pour out my emotions
I feel emptier inside
I don't know how to play it like
I'm not in love with you,
but I'll try
Even though i do...still

Miss you
Just like the air that I breathe
I need you
With me
I'm not gonna lie
I can't imagine my life
without you but I
suppose I will survive

I'm not gonna play myself
every time my cell rings
checking for your name
I promise that I'll never tell
you how I feel
and I know that you don't feel the same
did you think that you could hurt me so

I just gotta let you go
everytime i find myself alone
ooooh i


Don't try to explain
why your love's changed
boy you really broke my heart this time
i won't let it take away my pride
or Who I have inside
boy i'm so torn between every thing
how could i feel nothing
i woulda done anything
if it would mean
i could make you love me
you're the one i need
but you still believe
we can never be...

And I miss you
More than the air that I breathe
I need you
with me
I'm not gonna lie
And I can't imagine myself
with out you but I
suppose I will survive

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i'll be your string

.von says (9:56 PM):
everyone in this world deserve someone or multiple someones who would be their invisible string.. tied to their waists.. for days when you think you will jump off the cliff...
.von says (9:56 PM):

and those people, who are strings, would do it willingly, time and time again...

.von says (9:57 PM):
i will always be your string when you need me to..

I'll be your string too babe. Forever and always. Thank you for being there for me.

Don't you find it funny how we used to dislike each other in Form 1?

Monday, September 17, 2007

to love or not to love? you're not the one who gets to choose anyway

Photo by: Jean - roseonthegrey (=roseonthegrey)

Which is worse?

To be loving someone who loves you, but has given up on you?

or to be loving someone who loves someone else?

Does it matter which is worse, which is better?

In the end, they both hurt.

But I choose the latter, because at least the person I love will be happy with someone else, which means one less person hurting.

To my friend.

Don't give up, because the love still remains.

Don't give up, because you have the right not to.

Don't give up, until you know for sure that it won't work out.

Hang in there.

P.S. Mom, please do not call me tomorrow asking if I'm okay. It's NOT about me.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Just hit me that Daniel Radcliffe was here. In Melbourne. When I'm here in Melbourne. ARGGGHHHH!!!

No he doesn't look good now. I'm still thinking of him like that little innocent boy from the first Harry Potter movie. If you don't remember how he looks like, I have magazine and newspaper cuttings.

No I'm not a paedophile. I just want to see him. Yet I don't like him.

Ah, never mind.

I'm so out of it nowadays. Pavarotti passed away? Needed my IH weekly publications to tell me that.

Note to self: Start reading Australian papers.

Still miss my Star newspaper.


Gosh, it's been more than a week since I last blogged!!

Busy studying and doing work these days, nothing much done other than that, and looking for ways not to do work, which means going over to chat with Boom, Li Wen, Gary, KK or Victoria....

Weekend was pretty busy actually:

Boom's Birthday! Bought a pair of Havaianas flip flops in his favourite colour - blue! Went to get him a cake after class, first day I wore a skirt since the end of Semester 1, weather was so good! Dinner was along Lygon, at this Italian restaurant owned by Greeks, met up with Nick who gave me freebies he got from watching 'Hairspray' including a box containing 12 pantyliners which looked like a mint box! Tricked all of us, thought it was sweets inside, so it was quite funny... Wanted to go bowling, then Crown casino, but dinner and cake cutting took too long so we just went home and gave him his presents, as well as painting the guys' nails black, and applying eyeliner and mascara to some of them, lol!

Busy setting up the dining hall for Brazil National Night for self help, chef Jacky bought gelati (durian + rocher) to reward a few of us, yay! Lesson to self = you get a lot of benefits by befriending the kitchen staff! Dinner was the national night, pretty good but I preferred the Japanese one we had early this year, probably coz I was more involved? The seats we got weren't too good either...

Last self-help for brunch!! Studied a bit, then it was AGM for IH, elections for the new Student Club. Guess who's the new Secretary? ME! It was an unanimous decision, muahahaha! Actually coz noone contested me for the position noone had to vote for me, lol! Been busy handling secreterial issues, having to inform everyone about the new Student Club committee and stuff, but it's fun! For now anyway... Now, have to convince mom to let me come back 2 weeks early next year for O-week...

That concludes my weekend. Had Pharmacy Practice practical today, making powders and placing them in capsules or individually wrapped sachets, fun! Quite hard to get the right amount in the capsules though, especially with so many people fighting to use to top-pan balance.

Love it when Wednesdays are over, it all goes uphill after this! Only 5 hours left for the week in uni, then the weekend comes along!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Just got back from shopping for presents, birthday presents for Boom and Kylie, and a farewell/ birthday present for Eddie who's leaving for UK.
Was waiting at traffic light to cross to the tram stop, then this Chinese elderly lady grabs the sleeve of my jumper, and asks me to buy some slices of pizza to support some nursing home. I said sorry, because I didn't want any, but she wouldn't let go!!! Kept holding on, really tightly I might add, and kept asking me to buy it. Even after the light turned green she still held on. ARRGGGHHHHHHH!!! KK was pulling on my other sleeve asking me to go, but I couldn't get her to let go. Shit. It was only after he told her to let go that she did. Scary =(

Why did she choose me and not him?! Ish....

Eddie's 21st birthday/ farewell party yesterday in Uropa function room. Nice place! It's got 1 and a half floors, so you can look down at the ground floor while getting a drink... Only thing was security came half an hour early and told us to leave... Met my 'twin' Maybelle (ex-IHer), took a photo with her for comparison! Met a lot of ex-IHers who all came to tell me how alike we looked. If only I had a dollar every time someone mentioned her to me..... At least they know my name now, and not just 'the girl who looks like Maybelle'. Will post picture, for everyone to decide whether she looks like me. Everyone says yes, except KK. And Krista who says I'm prettier, that flatterer. *blush* Thanks Krista.

Mom, are you sure I don't have an older sister?