Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm So Bored Today I Studied

Yes, I really did. And I've only spoken to 5? people today, being anti-social for the holidays. Lol.

Decided to take a few pictures of my study area after seeing Dee's blog, though there's no shots of my actual table...... I'll need about 3 days to clear things up so you can actually see a space for me to study. Needless to say the study table is not used for studying. Heh.

Wall right above my table.
A - Calendar
B - Self help notifications so I don't forget to go for my shifts
C - Recipe for Kuih Bahulu courtesy of the maginificent MakYaoFang
D - Periodic table, because I kist can't seem to remember the atomic weights of the elements
E - Exam timetable :(
F - Timetable, which usually takes me 2 hours to adjust so I understand it, thanks to all the practical and tutorial sessions
G - Specific practical and tutorial timetables. Everytime I finish a practical session or tutorial I happily cross it off with bold strokes using my Sharpie. Hehe.
Note: The brown thing at the corner is a heart carved on a piece of bark!

Empty wall which I have since decorated with random postcards and cards I get from UniMelb and other places, and sometimes I add personal stuff of mine
A - Poster from my International House Play 2008 - The Curse of the Werewolf
B - Ticket from my ball this year
C - Ticket to Dean's List Ceremony. Went to support Luke (and here you thought I was the one on Dean's List!)
D - iTunes card. Love the colours on it!

Bookshelf, overcrowded with my stuff...
A - Magazines I have collected over the year. CLEO, Cosmo, SHOP, a few 8Days and iWeeklys, even a few FHMs!
B - Textbooks and notebooks. Oh dear.
C - Storybooks. Always looking out for bargains since books here are so expensive :(
D - Stationery and Jewellery boxes
E - Coin holders. Nudie bottles make great coin boxes, and they're nice to eat/ drink frozen! Nudie drinks, not the bottles.
F - Vitamins. Gotta put them somewhere obvious so I remember to take them
G - Printer box, holding all my files which I label so nicely :)
H - Box holding random wires and cables and whatnot.

And now for random photos:
Blackboard outside a bar along Lygon street.

Finn, or the IH baby as he is called. Son of Sonia and Paul, resident tutors of IH. He's a year and 3 months old now... Love to play with him at dinner, which his parents are pretty happy about since it means not having to watch him while trying to have dinner.

Sign outside the theatre where we had our IH Play 2008. So fun to play with the letters!

My Japanese lunch from a few weeks back. Looked so pretty!

Bondage heels, as KK calls them! Tried them on for fun while shopping for shoes. Didn't get these but got a pair of red gladiator sandals instead. Much more practical.

Plastic trees in Docklands. Look so pretty, especially when they light up!

Fated to Love You, which I have just finished! Prefer watching dramas like these alone so I don't get laughed at when I start gushing or melting over some romantic scene or the male lead or if I cry (which I did, embarrassingly...) Got me so hooked I finished all 24 episodes in a day and a half, while I was supposed to study for my tests! It's no surprise it's the most watched idol drama in Taiwan now!

Jon helping me out with the voting slips for the AGM 2 weeks ago. Thousands of slips which I had to photocopy, cut and arrange before stapling together! Took us 3 days to finish making 270 sets of slips...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just because

Only 8 hours into my holidays and I am already BORED. Should have practised patience and restraint but ended up finishing my 24 episodes of "Fated to Love You" before my tests ended, much less waiting for my holidays to start. Plucked this off Fangi's blog since I am going to every site I can think off. Even watched Gossip Girl Ep. 4 from the internet. Serena's such a bitch when she wants to be, just like me!! NO, I am not bitchy on a usual basis. If you think THAT's bitchy you ain't seen nothing. But I digress...

Two Names you go by:
Usually Xinyu, but my friends call me Xin (X would be wayyy too weird)

Two things you are wearing now:
Love to go all Marilyn Monroe and only wear Chanel No.5 but I doubt the people looking into the room would be too happy. Heh. Wearing a LBD and my sole pair of heels, just because I felt like dressing up. Plus fiery red nail polish ;p Though noone's here to see it. Unless they're being all Disturbia and looking into my room now.

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
Mmmmmmmmmmm the complete season 2 of Gossip Girl and everything the girls wear in it XD

Two people who will most likely send this back:
Blair Waldorf (can't you see her doing all these tags?) and Chuck Bass (He's Chuck Bass!)

Two things you did last night:
Studied for my practical test (which still sucked) and finished "The Other Boleyn Girl" again.

Two things you ate today:
Mussels and Swordfish, two of the many dishes I had for lunch today thanks to KK's parents! Homecooked btw!

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
Sleeping in (Yay for holidays!) and being random (meaning I can't think of what there is to do)

Two people you last spoke to:
Ling, when I stepped out to get my heels to dress up, and my Aunt who called me to invite me to visit a farm.

Two favourite beverages:
Bubble tea and Coke

P.S. Spot the GG references!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

free rice

Help end world hunger

Did you know that you can choose among 11 subjects, and not just English Vocabulary?

Tried out:
Geography (World Capitals) --> This was baddddddddd :(
English Vocabulary --> What is a rhyton? A Greek drinking horn. Beat my best of Level 30! Gave up after that, the words were getting odd...
Famous paintings --> Errrrrr, got 1 right out of about 10
Chemical Symbols (Basic) --> A periodic table can breeze you through this
Math (Multiplication Table) --> CALCULATORS RULE! Not that I used it.

Try it out!! Fun AND a good cause, what other reasons do you need?!

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

rubix cube solved in under 1 minute

Check out this video! That's my cousin that's solving the Rubix Cube *beams*

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One of my favourite things to do is to type something random into Wikipedia to see where it takes me... funny hobby no?

I am well aware that Wiki may not be right (I am studying Pharmacy which emphasizes on evidence-based medicine after all) but it's just so fun to see what you can find! Moreover I usually look through movie synopses and random things which don't really have to be really accurate unless I suddenly decided to write a PHD thesis about it.

Just today I started with Jamie Lee Curtis after reading on Snopes about a rumour of her being a hermaphrodite.

Thing learned today: Jamie Lee Curtis is Jake Gyllenhaal's godmother!

Which, of course, lead me to Jake Gyllenhaal...

Jake Gyllenhaal's page in Wiki brought me to:
Donnie Darko synopsis (What a weird show....yet I feel like watching it now)
Jarhead synopsis
Bubble Boy synopsis (Never knew it was Jake Gyllenhaal)
Brokeback Mountain synopsis (sounds romantic after reading the whole story)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (you know her, the more haggard looking Rachel Dawes in Batman: The Dark Knight)

Maggie Gyllenhaal's page then brought me to:
Secretary (really odd.)
Stranger than Fiction (spoiled the movie for me since I know the ending, but it was still a good read!)
James Spader (nothing interesting, just wanted to see how he looked like)

So after 30 minutes of Wiki-surfing I now know synopses of 5 more movies I have not watched yet, yay!

Conclusion: Wiki is fun for wasting time, and learning things which might not be accurate!!

Back to studying Microbiology now....