Thursday, January 29, 2009

redwan ali - you make me feel brand new

awesome song, but this is the only video I could find of it. Anyone recognise the show?

I am but a foolish man
With the only love in his eye
The rain may come, the sun may set
But I'll never let you go

All I need is your love
To hear you say that I am yours
So tell me now and show me how
I could be your better man

I'll surrender everything just to be with you
There is no one in the world like you
You make me real

And I'll cross every ocean
Just to be with you
Baby you're my dreams and you're my soul
You make me real

Just like a flame
You're burning in my soul
You wake me from the cold
You make me real

Cause' like a flame
You brighten up my world
Every corner bears a print of you
You really make me feel brand new

Thursday, January 22, 2009

barney stinson is LEGEN...wait for it!!......


From his famous phrases to his awesomely funny antics and his pining away for Robin, it's hard not to like Barney Stinson.

I now understand why Harold and Kumar love Neil Patrick Harris so much, lol!!

Going on THE PRICE IS RIGHT and getting EVERY price exactly right, then giving the prizes away to his friends. AWESOME!

Pretending to be in love and marrying his stalker to piss his friend off.

Trying to narrow down his stalker.

Best qoutes: (from

Barney: In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland.

Barney: I'm fine. My nose is just overflowing with awesome and I had to get some of it out.

Barney: [About his brother] He's the awesomest, most best-lookingest, greatest guy ever!
Lily: He's exactly like Barney.
Barney: That's what I just said.

Barney: It's going to be legen...wait for it...and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant 'cause the second half of that word is...dary!

Barney:I'm going out of this world the same way I came in. Buck Naked. Open bar for the men, open casket for the ladies. What up?!

From Wikipedia:

In his audition, which included the laser tag scene, Neil Patrick Harris did the dive roll that he does in the episode. Alyson Hannigan, who was in the next room during Harris's audition, asked Harris to bump the wall when he did the dive so that she knew that he had done it. Harris misjudged the space and he hit the wall harder than he intended, KNOCKING HIMSELF OUT.



it's currently 4 degrees outside with tons of wind, making it feel wayyyy colder. day has been sunny with bouts of strong wind though.

wearing 3 layers INDOORS, with a hoodie and coat when outside. oh and gloves.

fingers don't work outdoors, lol!!

bought 2 pairs of boots for 50 pounds, so that's 5 pairs of shoes yours truly has to bring home to melbourne in february, bringing the total no. of shoes in melbourne to a shocking 12 pairs!!

celine if you are reading this, you are most welcome to borrow my shoes :)

we're onto the 2nd leg of our trip now, the 1st being the stay in uncle paul's son's place in essex. currently in uncle paul and auntie lorna's place in york, where they live with their daughter karen.

for those who are curious, uncle paul and auntie lorna aren't actually relatives of mine, but they are very good longtime friends of my aunt in KL, and they generously volunteered to be our guides for the length of our trip, providing us with food, lodging and a running commentary of london and york. nice eh?

meeting up with weiyi and jayne on the 27th, yay! will leave xinwei to spend the day in the museums, which we briefly visited. by briefly i mean 2 hours EACH.


Xinwei had his very first interview yesterday, which was at UCL, his first preference. I'm happy to say the interview went well, and he managed to answer questions which would have stumped me. But he's naturally more awesome than I am *shrugs* Next interview would be on the 1st day of CNY at King's College, his 2nd choice. Hopefully he'll be less nervous this time, since he's gotten his 1st interview over and done with.

If UCL decides they like him, our boy would be receiving his offer within a week. If he does, he doesn't even need to go for the Sheffield interview on the 29th!

Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

greetings from london!

places visited: trafalgar square, chinatown, science museum, british museum, national gallery, king's college (both campuses!), buckingham palace........
tickets lost: 1

xinwei's having his FIRST interview tomorrow, fingers crossed!!

3 days down, 12 more to go.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

benefit of studying

So happy I retained some knowledge from the lectures about hypertension I had last year :)
Kit was being his normal annoying self (with a funnier voice though, thanks to puberty) asking endless questions about blood pressure. Or maybe it was just one question but I was really not in the mood to listen to him but I digress......

After 2 minutes of rambling on about alpha1-adrenoreceptors and activation of the sympathetic nervous system and what not without a full stop or pauses, I not only managed to show off how much I know, but I got him to stop asking questions XD

So going to use this as motivation to study harder :D

Friday, January 09, 2009

bored out of my mind? an understatement.

9 days into 2009 and the year is turning out to be a very boring, crappy, sucky year despite my fun-filled days in KL the first 3 days of the year.

firstly, the amount of tragedies befalling friends and family is creepy. 3 incidents in 9 days leaves you more than slightly shaken, wondering to yourself if there's any more to come.

secondly, due to above incidents, yours truly is stuck at home watching TV and reading fanfiction. only thing stopping me from smashing my head into the TV screen is zhang yao dong's awesomely hilarious accent.

thirdly, the trip to london is more than getting on my nerves. what started out as me VOLUNTEERING to accompany my brother out of the goodness of my heart has left me frustrated to tears as the length of the trip continues to increase, the weather in london continues to worsen, and concerned people have decided that I, the person merely being an chaperone, should be questioned ALL THE TIME about it. it's enough to make me want to leave my brother to go on his own. arrghhh.

this year sucks.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Interesting Things.......

5. Barney's blog. How I Met Your Mother is LEGENDARY!! Read it HERE!
4. Throat has been sore for the past 5 days and STILL hasn't developed into a fever. Wonder which is more annoying....
3. I went fishing!! Didnt catch anything but received 8 mosquito bites. YAY.
2. I had so much fun in KL hanging out with my brother and KK that I forgot Gossip Girl is airing TODAY!!! Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk!
1. My train this morning arrived 40 minutes early!! AMAZING. Thank god I was awake, or else I would have been in Singapore before I woke up.