Monday, August 31, 2009

The Time Traveller's Wife

A must watch!

Cool Video!

Posted this on Facebook, this is for the Facebook-less people to see e.g. my mum. Wonder how long it took to produce this!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Looking for the show that had this as the ending song. Remember watching it and thinking about it so much that I used to cry when listening to this song. Anyone able to help?

Se Von's Trip To Melby

Last Saturday, Melbourne was graced with the presence of my dear cousin Se Von, all the way from Perth and Josh, our friend from Sydney.


Sat: Take bus down to Doncaster around 11, meet everyone at my uncle's house. Ipoh Hor Fun for lunch, thanks to my uncle's awesome cooking skills. Teach a 9 year old how to play Big 2 and my 22 year old cousin how to play poker (the 9 year old knew how to play). Dinner: Peiking duck!!

Sun: Get up at 9 to find that Edmund (the 9 year old) has been up since 6. Make breakfast for him and Ashley (13 year old) while waiting for others to get up. Head to Doncaster Shoppingtown where we introduce Se Von to the wonderful world of Smiggle. Apparently Perth has NOTHING. Lunch is at my aunt's parents' house, had Ipoh Curry Laksa :) Discuss the various shows based on Hana Yori Dango e.g. Meteor Garden. Get CDs for My Girl, and am promised Boys Before Flowers the next time I drop by. Also discuss changes in the Pharmacy course with aunt's sister, who studied at VCP too. Apparently David Taylor and Louis Roller were already teaching there. Hm. Head home and use the internet (apparently the Chow/ Fong family is a Dell family) till dinner time where my uncle cooks Kung Foo Chow (god knows how it's spelled) for us XD. Chocolate souffle for dessert, thanks to Se Von.

Mon: Wake up bright and early to head back to the city since yours truly was due to have her Clinical Pharmacy presentation at 3. Reach the city around 11 and head to Safeway Woolworth's to buy some groceries. After dropping groceries off we head to Lygon street, specifically Lambs for lamb souvlakis. I then head to my presentation, and return to the city an hour later to meet Se Von and Josh in MYER. Dinner is at Woo Ga on Victoria Street, with Se Von's friend CS (5th year Actuarial Science) followed by dessert at Max Brenner where KK comes along :) I then stay up till 2 to finish my MMM assignment.

Tue: Up at 10, have breakfast and head up to give the two a tour of Melb Uni, where my Dad and our aunt studied. Visit the Bailieu library where my dad probably spent most of his time in. Head to Vic Market next to walk around. Visit the pet shop nearby to coo over little puppies. I head to uni for class till 4.30, then to Jeremy's place while waiting for my "housemates" to return from DFO. Dinner at Ying Thai with 2 of Se Von's friends, dessert at Freddo's. Tram down to Crown casino where I proceed to lose money, while Se Von takes a plastic Crown cup home. MMM assignment due the next day, so yours truly burned the midnight oil to finish it.

Wed: Send the 2 off at QV bus stop, where they travel back to Doncaster for lunch at Indochine with my aunt. I head off to uni and hand in my assignment, then take the bus down in the evening in time for dinner (Ban Mien by my aunt, since my uncle was out that night). Watch Transformers on DVD halfway (faulty CD) till midnight, end up talking to Josh till 2 since he was leaving at 5 the next morning. Se Von fell asleep during Transformers and was out for the night (Chow family genes for sleeping are strong in her)

Thu: Up at 6.45 to have breakfast and catch the 7.19 bus to the city, then tram up to uni for a 8.30 Pharmaceutics tutorial that they forgot to assign a tutor for. Finish at 12, then took a train down to be picked up at Box Hill for yumcha at Dragon Boat :) Head back to uncle's home, shower and it's off to work for me. Get picked up at 9, and dropped off at my apartment by my uncle, who was sending my cousin to the airport. Have supper with JacKee.

Do you feel tired reading all that? XD

Definitely a tiring week for me, but totally enjoyable since I got to hang out with my cousin whom I had not seen since summer, and Josh whom I hadn't seen since the start of Taylors. Walking around in a skirt while the 2 shivered behind me in 3 layers each was pretty amusing too :p

From Se Von, I gathered that Perth has no Krispy Kreme, Koko Black, Max Brenner, Smiggle, Kikki K and much more shops, which makes me very happy to be in Melbourne despite the cold.

P.S Pictures are from my aunt's Facebook, hence there are no pictures of their stay in the city. Will have to wait till Se Von posts the pictures from her camera.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I want to own a bakery

Should have taken up baking as a course instead. Instead of thinking about my assignments I find myself thinking about cookies and cakes and muffins and brownies all the time.

Just last week I felt too stressed from doing my Pharmacology presentation I went and made peanut butter cookies.

Which would I prefer? Standing on my feet for 8 hours everyday attending to customers who think it's their every right to throw a script at you then tap their feet impatiently for you while you tackle a mountain of scripts while answering the phone vs. owning my own bakery being surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked treats and seeing kids come in and gawk at my creations?

Too bad I've already made my choice 2 years ago....

Maybe it's the mental exhaustion from assignments talking. Ask me again when the year's over.