Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Trailers

Prince of Persia! Brings back many memories. Used to play this ALL THE TIME!!!! Even my mum, lol!
Always died at this one point where you have to drink a combination of potions.
Used to scare myself just thinking about the sound that plays when you die at that point.
Crap, just scared myself.

Been waiting for this trailer for the looooongest time!

But hey! No Leighton Meester in the trailer at all. Shucks.

Can you figure out why this movie would appeal to me?









Yeah, didn't recognise him either.

Seems funny.

It's Giselle! I mean Amy Adams.

"Someone call a vet, coz these puppies are sick!"

Christmas shopping = torture

So far I've settled 3 presents out of 14. Just shoot me. It's hard enough trying to guess what a person would want for their birthday, but when you have to do it for ALL of them at the same bloody time in a shopping centre that is so brightly lit it hurts your eyes and when christmas carols are playing over and over and over again, it's just impossible.

With that said, I will still try to finish my shopping on time, preferably before heading home on the 16th of December.

Suggestions for presents are very much welcome, as long as it's:
a. within my budget
b. not anything to do with twilight
c. not lingerie
d. not sex paraphernalia (I'm not buying anyone a blowup doll for Christmas!!)

Only good thing I can say about Christmas shopping (other than imagining the happy smiles on everyone's faces when they open the present I thoughtfully got for them, coz that's sappy) is that it's actually giving me something to do.

Which is good, since I'm perpetually bored out of my mind.

Just have to remind myself of this point when I'm actually doing Christmas shopping.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

So Very Happy

Post-holiday jubilant-ness!!

Long Time No See!

Hello everyone!

Somehow I'm getting tired of blogging. So much more tedious than tweeting. Maybe I should swap permanently to Twitter and force all you readers to get an account and follow me so I'll be more popular there!

Just kidding guys.

Though I definitely would not mind anyone going on Twitter and following me. My account:

There's also a Follow Me on Twitter button on the right ---->

Admittedly, it IS hard to fit everything you want to say into 140 characters. I mean, replying someone would already mean about 5-10 characters are wasted. God forbid the person has a looooong username eg. Celine aka celinemlchu. Or shitmydadsays. The latter's actually getting a book and TV deal just from posting what his 73-year old father says. Seriously.


Exams are finally over, this is DEFINITELY the toughest semester yet. My workmates all try to comfort me by telling me it's the hardest semester, and that it only gets easier from here. Hmmm. I will tell you if that's true in 2 years' time.

Papers in decreasing difficulty: Pharmaceutics (hardest, thanks to Peter Stewart) > Pharmacy Practice (Louis Roller's ethics question came close to PS) > Clinical Pharmacy > Pharmacology > Med Chem (thank you my awesome MedChem course coordinator for re-using questions)

Am planning post-exam activities to maximise my day. For example, I spent 5 hours at the karaoke lounge with XinNee, Jeremy, PeiXian, ChuJie and JiaHong belting tunes at the top of our lungs, some as old as we are, some as recent as last week. Oh, and not forgetting Jeremy's performance of dancing to "Sorry, Sorry", which I made him promise to do since before Paper No.4 aka Pharmaceutics.

The high lasted throughout dinner (for CJ, JH and me at least), and also the post-dinner walk to Freddo's for a much needed gelati. Green tea + green tea for CJ, green tea and durian for JH, lychee and lemon for me. Post-gelati walk was where we ended up agreeing to the idea of having a flashmob in Fed Square for CJ's birthday next year (I know, what did we get ourselves into?!)

For those who don't know, this is a flashmob:

What was supposed to be a short discussion about something I cannot put here on my blog, ended up being a 3 hour long chit-chatting session about relationships. Nice.

Conclusively, it's been a good start to post-exam celebrations, if you ignore the fact that I went to work after my exam Thursday morning on 4 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow's plan: To buy me the J. Society Enigma Low Super Slim Bleach Jeans from Just Jeans tomorrow. Then off to the MYER Christmas Parade (34 degrees tomorrow though), followed by a trip to Bardot's factory outlet store to shop. Hope that all works out.