Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I've decided to blog, not because I have exciting things to talk about. It was more of a "Meh, why not. I sit in front of the laptop the whole day anyway" kind of thinking.

The holidays have been EXACTLY how I predicted.

10% of the time meeting friends/ doing exciting stuff
10% running errands and handling boring procedural stuff e.g. update passport/driver's license/bank FD
5% hanging out with XinWei
0.005% hanging out with XinKit (Yeah, he's this 16 year old that happens to have the same biological parents I have, yet turned out completely different from me, such that I do not talk to him, unless we are arguing).
10% spending quality time with Mum
0.5% spending quality time with Dad (thank you machinery at the electrical plant that decided to throw a tantrum just as my Dad is coming home to spend Christmas, I only saw my Dad for 4 days this year thanks to you.)
Remaining time is spent sleeping, and on the internet.

What I do on the Internet:
Play FB games e.g. Country Story, Pet Society, CafeWorld, Restaurant City, almost any game you can think of. Except FarmVille.
Read Fanfiction.
Play Pyramids on Neopets.
Check e-mails (99% junk, 1% from my Dad)
Read Asian entertainment news
Read and update Twitter
Read manga
Play FB games again

So people in Melbourne, don't get too jealous of me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rihanna on SNL

Nice that she did more than being the musical guest :)

SNL Makes Fun of Tiger Woods

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I would blog....

But I just can't be bothered to.

Was going to try to take a picture of this HUGE sign they placed outside our shop to advertise that we are open till 10 pm on weeknights, but they moved it away before I brought my camera to work. Oh well. Just imagine one of those giant LED boards they use to inform you of construction on the roads, or road blocks, just not on the road but parked in a parking spot in front of my shop. Like the big red, yellow and blue ticket stub high in the sky wasn't attention-grabbing enough.

Sorry people.