Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just got back from watching Inception. Am still buzzing from all the excitement you feel when you've watched a good movie! Which is pretty rare nowadays I tell you.

OMG Joseph Gordon Levitt!!! Let me tell you, it's very awkward trying to stop yourself from squealing at the sight of a hot guy on the screen when your boyfriend is next to you. I'm going to watch it again on my own so I don't embarrass myself. Or with Celine so we can squeal together.

I hate weapons and all, but JGL + gun = hot.

Does Punctuality Exist?

I don't know about you, but I hate it when you're supposed to meet up with someone and you call them to see where they're at and they tell you they're about to leave soon, when they're actually still lounging around with no intention to leave whatsoever but they just don't want to make you angry if you knew that they weren't ready yet.

Which to me is kind of silly because when I call them 1 hour later and they're STILL where they were when you last called, it fucking pisses me off more.

I'm not sure if it's a Malaysian thing, but if you are going to be late, should you not inform the person as soon as possible instead of waiting for the person to call you when you've missed the meeting time and go "oh....yeah....actually....I'm kind of not on the way yet....." It's as if these people think I do not own a single device that is capable of telling me the time, and I'm not going to notice that they're late. For your information, I have a watch, 2 handphones and 1 iPod which can tell me the time okay? Plus I check the time ALL THE TIME.

I'm sure everyone knows this story by now, since I love telling people how I was so traumatised by this incident, but I'm telling it anyway because it relates to the above topic.

When I was 11 and XinWei 10, we happened to be in Primary 6 and 4 respectively, which meant we were both in the morning session. Hence every Friday we would finish at 12.30, head home for lunch then head to Lynette's place for swimming back when she used to stay in her Stulang View apartment. Mum would drop us off 4 ish and come and pick us up at 5.30 just before she goes to fetch XinKit from school.

Usually Lynette's mum would come with us just to supervise us, as well as informing us of the time so we would be ready to go when Mum came around.

Now this one time, for whatever reason I cannot remember, Lyn's mum stayed upstairs while the 3 of us went to the swimming pool. So we swam and we splashed and we were having fun when suddenly I noticed Mum standing at the far corner of the swimming pool, where the parking bays were. I can't remember very clearly now, but she must have looked bloody pissed since XinWei and I just scrambled out of the water, grabbed our towels and belongings and sprinted to the carpark without even looking at each other. We ran to the parking bays just in time to see Mum's car pull out of the parking spot and drive towards the exit of the condominium. We ran after the car, just like any hero chasing his heroine in a movie. Mum stopped at the guardhouse to wait for the guard to lift the barrier, and we managed to catch up. And you know what? She DIDN'T UNLOCK THE DOOR for us to get in. Without looking at us, Mum just drove off. XinWei and I ended up sitting in front of the guardhouse just waiting, thinking Mum would just make a U-turn and get us. Nope, didn't happen. In fact, Mum's car appeared on the street in front of the condominium about 25 minutes later with XinKit in the backseat pointing at us with a baffled look on his face, wondering why his jie and his kor were in front of Lynette's house in half-wet clothes and their towels wrapped around them and straggly wet hair. Mum still didn't look at us, and drove off in the direction of home. By the time Mum came to get us, we had been waiting for a good 45 minutes, which felt infinitely longer to us, believe me.

I kid you not, but from that day on, even if I think I'm going to be 5 minutes late, you can see me picking up the phone to ring Mum and tell her about it.

I strongly advocate everyone to do this to your kids once in their lives so they don't take your time for granted. Perhaps if everyone's parents had done this, I wouldn't be so hopping mad right now that I'm blogging at 3.23 am.

P.S. If you don't believe my story, ask XinWei. He's equally traumatised.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This ad won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

More incredibly, this was done in ONE uninterrupted take.

Watch the video below to find out how they did it.

With Old Spice, anything is possible.

I'm on a horse.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby and I Trailer

Alone - CN Blue

Expanding my music library, now listening to Korean songs.

All set for learning Japanese! Am going to sign up once I get back to Melbourne. Managed to convince Wei to take it up as well, so we can practice together XD

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vampires Suck Trailer

I await this film with the fervour Twilight fans await the new Eclipse movie.

LOL just kidding, I don't think I'll ever be that crazy about something.

What Should I Do - Jang Geun Suk

Another song from the same drama I mentioned the other day. This song is the most memorable because it's the one sung by the main lead in the last episode to get his girl :)

Apparently if you liked "My Girl" then you would like this. I personally love it because I've fallen for the main lead - Jang Guen Suk. He's very cute when he smiles, though his eyes virtually disappear. Don't worry 小猪, it's a temporary crush!

Oh no, everyone just rolled their eyes at my last sentence.....

When I let you go one step further, my eyes overflow with tears
When you walk away one step further, more tears are falling
As you move away to a place where I can’t reach you, even if I reach out my hand
I can’t catch you, I can only cry

What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving me
I love you, I love you, I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me, because I am only shouting in my heart

All day long I try to forget you, but I think of you again
All day long I try to say goodbye, but I think of you
Although you went to a place where I can’t hold you, even if my hand reaches out for you
I can’t find you, I can only cry

What should I do? What should I do? I can only see you
What should I do? What should I do? I love you only
I am sorry, I am sorry, can you hear me?
Please come back to me, if it’s not you, I can’t go on

What should I do? What should I do? I only have you
What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do? You’re leaving me alone
I love you, I love you, I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me because I am only shouting in my heart


First day here in Sydney... and it's awesome! Went to this Rocks Market, got to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House while walking there :)

Plenty of things to see at the market, the first section was mostly food and clothes, then it gradually moved to more decorative items. Most interesting stall in my opinion was this one where the lady was selling 3D stamps, which she made herself by cutting parts of 5 identical stamps to form a 3D version of the stamp. From 15 cent stamps she produced a framed handiwork selling for 95 bucks. WOW. Wanted to take pictures to show you all, but the glass of the frame spoiled the picture. Oddly, most stall owners didn't want me taking pictures of their products... I did sneak a few before they told me though, so they'll be up on Facebook soon.

Went to the Guylian cafe! OMG chocolate overdose! Had this dessert called 100% Pure Pleasure, which is definitely was! Chocolate mousse and panna cotta layers covered with a shiny Guylian chocolate ganache... Heavenly! Wei had the Guylian baked chocolate cake, which came with Raspberry ice cream. Had hot chocolate to go with it as well, which came as a jug of hot chocolate, which I had to pour into this big cup that had a piece of chocolate in it, which melted when the hot liquid was added.

Had dinner very late as a result of the filling afternoon tea at Guylian, so we only ate at 9.30pm. LOL. Most of the restaurants had closed by then, so we ended up in this Indonesian restaurant near XinWei's place. Most memorable thing about the place is it's sambal belacan, which is almost the same as the belacan my grandmother's friend used to make for us. FINALLY! Wei and I bought a jar each for 5 bucks to keep at home. Hehehe. Told Wei he'll have to bring more over for me every time he comes to Melbourne, since I don't expect it to last long in my fridge.

Alone in Wei's room now since he's ditched me for the World Cup finals at his friend's place. Will be having an early night tonight :)

Plans for tomorrow: Yours truly is going to pretend to be a new student at UNSW so I can get freebies at orientation in the university :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Without Words

My favourite song of the week. All thanks to my cousin Ashley who was watching a Korean drama called "You're Beautiful" while I was in Doncaster. I started out scoffing and jeering and laughing at the absurdity of the story, but ultimately got hooked on to it and finished the series (16 episodes) in 2 days.

Baking Fever?

Seems like my baking fever has died-ed. Hmmmm. When was the last time I baked? LOL cannot remember.

Busy nowadays taking XinWei around Melbourne :) He's so much more fun now, compared to back when he was in high school. You can actually have a conversation with him,, about movies, shows, songs even. Now just hoping Kit will grow out of the socially awkward phase.....

Pictures will be up soon! Took me 3 hours to edit, modify and upload pictures on my Facebook yesterday so I won't be doing that for a while.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Yellow Fever

Lately, I've realised that I'm becoming more and more Asian, lol! I watch Taiwanese variety shows, Japanese and Korean dramas. I listen to Mandarin songs.

Oh, and my English vocabulary is failing!!! I'm finding more situations where it takes me a while to find the right word I need.