Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Got to dispose of unwanted medicines today for the Return of Medicines program. The patient was keeping medicines from decades ago, so we got to see how the boxes looked like in the past. Of course I had to take pictures of them!

Friday, September 03, 2010


Finished the whole of Season 1 in 2 days while studying for my Drug Development test. The test sucked today, and songs from Glee kept getting stuck in my head e.g. Don't Stop Believing, You Keep Me Hanging On, Total Eclipse of the Heart etc.

Glee! Somebody to love
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I'm officially a GLEEK.

Pharmacy Ball

Wow, it's been a week since the fun-nest night this year!

These pictures are all on FB, but I'm just selecting a few that I liked. Plus, I'm captioning them so Mum knows who's who in the pictures.

Last week:
Mum: Who's that girl in the navy blue dress?
Me: Huh? Was someone in a navy blue dress? Are you sure it wasn't black?
Mum: Doesn't look black ar.... She's wearing a flower on her hair.
Me: Wearing it how? What colour?
Mum: Aiya, I don't remember la.

So Mum, this is for you!

Note: Some were from the photo albums of others e.g. Lo Yi

This is Jia Hong

Lynn, Alicia, Kylie, Jean, Lo Yi, EeVon, FeiQian, Leanne, Sephine

That's Pei Xian on the right

Sephine, KaiNing and Louis

Taken with Lo Yi's DSLR. Such a lovely picture!!

Faith and I

My workmates at CWH Doncaster. Joseph, Jason, Annie and Erica.

Michael in the middle works at CWH as well.

Jia Leng, my junior from Convent studying Pharm Sci. That's Jeane on the right.

Shaun all dressed up.