Saturday, January 01, 2011


This year:

I am thankful parents. I have come to realise that not everyone has such caring and understanding parents as I do. So thank you to my lovely Mummy and Daddy :)
I promise to be... call more, update more, and not be overly immature on the rare occasions we do not agree on things.

I am thankful for... finally finishing my degree. 4 years later, I finally have that Pharmacy degree in hand and moving on the next stage in life.
I promise to continue working hard, because learning doesn't stop when the degree is in hand.

I am thankful for... having a job. A job where I enjoy my work, where I have fun and caring colleagues whom I look forward to seeing each day, is not easy to find.
I promise to work hard and study hard! Hopefully by this time next year I'll be blogging as a full fledged pharmacist XD

I am thankful for... KK. Someone who understands that I am a bitch and is willing to be with me despite it, is always a keeper.
I promise to be... more caring, more understanding, and less of a bitch.

I am thankful for... friends. I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. Especially my Pharmacy friends, who started off merely as classmates, but whom now I count on for so many things. Although it's a bit sad that we only talk about pharmacy related topics nowadays, I still love meeting up with you girls :) Special mention to my BFF/ housemate Celine, who's had to tolerate my untidiness for 2 years now!
I promise to be... be nicer to all of you and bitch less about work!

I am thankful for... health. I would say I've been relatively healthy this year, thankfully, hope that continues for the years to come!
I promise to... at least attempt to pick up at least one physical activity this year and to exercise a little more than right now (which is absolutely none)