Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CNY 2011 - Day 2

Okay, so the most unexpected people "liked" my previous post. Flattering, but unexpected.


I've been home for about 28 hours now and I've not eaten a single pineapple tart! What is going on?! Have I lost my taste for delicious CNY cookies after years of not gorging on them? *gasp* I do very well hope not.


Woke up to the persistent ringing of the doorbell by my parents, who managed to wake XinWei up to let them out of the apartment, but couldn't repeat the miracle for him to wake up to let them back in.

When I went to open the door groggily, I was greeted by my mother:

"eh girl ah, how come you're awake?"

Proceeded to enter XinWei's room to punch him for not staying awake to let my parents back in.

He didn't stir at all.


Spent the rest of the morning having my standard toast and milk tea, while enjoying the 8Days magazines Mum bought for me despite the fact that most of the magazine is no longer relevant to me.


First homecooked meal since being home! Mum decided to show me how to cook congee using the Smart cooker that seems to have captured the hearts of every female member of my extended family. Not one day goes by in the Chow family without talk of the Smart cooker.

"Do you know it only weighs 5.4kg?"

"So easy to cook soup? You just dump everything inside before you go to work and you can have hot steaming soup to drink for dinner when you get back!"

"Come come, let me show you how to cook Hainanese chicken in the Smart cooker!"

This is how much we love this Smart cooker: My immediate family alone is in possession of 3 of this magic appliance, one for me in Melbourne, one for XinWei in Sydney (which Mum is currently using in Subang), and Dad's getting one when he flies back to Taiwan.

There's also one with my KooMah, her 2 children each has one, my Aunty Selina has one, her son Shaun has one in Melbourne, my Koo Cheh has one, Aunty Beng Gnoh in Melbourne has one as well, though hers is currently not working, as she lamented to me the day before I flew home.

These Buffalo people should get us to be the spokes-family for this. Seriously.


Made an impromptu decision to head to 1Utama for a movie with XinWei before meeting ChuJie for dinner. Left at 1.35 from Subang for the 3 pm movie.

Obviously we didn't make it. Thank you Malaysian transport system.

No chance of catching the movie, so we decided to head to Carl's Jr. OH YEAH!

Would post a photo of the meal, but XinWei started eating before I could even reach for my bag to pull my camera out.

To cement our status as nerds, we sat in Carl's Jr for another hour or so playing Scrabble on my iPod.

Then we walked around a little, before finally giving up and settling down in MPH bookstore for an hour and a half.

My family's talent: Finding a bookstore wherever we go.

Another talent: Never coming out of a bookstore empty handed.


Had dinner with ChuJie, where we tried our very best to speak in English for the benefit of XinWei but failed miserably.

Good luck in Singapore CJ! Remember to watch more Singaporean dramas and buy me 8Days magazines!

Sister-brother bonding time ended once we reached home, as the clutches of DOTA proved too strong.

Still tried my best and stubbornly played and sang along to Korean songs on my iPod while XinWei was playing. Korean songs and the sounds of killing on DOTA has now been proven to not go along at all.


Introduced Kit to pore strips and the oil absorbing sheets, which he reluctantly tried. He didn't like them, and was not at all impressed with the results. Meh.

2 days down, 5 more to go!

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