Sunday, February 13, 2011


So... I got too busy to continue my daily posting. What a fail.

I will make up for this by showing you pictures from my CNY!

Though you've probably already seen the pictures on Facebook.

Teaching Kit how to play pool. Great success!!

Kai Vin's not very happy about his not very fresh scallops.

Family photo! Why aren't the guys smiling? I have no idea.

Very very very happy with our full stomachs :)

Uncle Kok Hoong and family. Do guys in my family have a thing against smiling?

My awesome collection of Polaroids :)

Dad refuses to admit that he's now the shortest among the boys

Boy and Mummy
Dad's hometown Rawang

Ancestors' potraits

All the boys decked in red

CNY dinner at my Ee-Poh's place. Ban Mien ftw!

The adult's table

My Man suk-po

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